Working for the halls team

Every year we recruit around 30 students to fulfil key roles within our halls of residence. There are a variety of opportunities from the role of a Residential Assistant which offers discounted rent and a monthly wage, to the role of Hall Event Ambassador, which requires evening and Saturday work. If you have lived in halls and need to earn money to fit around your studies, one of these vacancies could be ideal for you. 

Hall Event Ambassadors

Every year in late Spring the halls team also recruits several Hall Event Ambassadors through the Student Employment Agency for part-time work. If you have any questions about working for Student Living, please send them to

Hall Event Ambassadors have two main responsibilities. Firstly, they help us to showcase our halls to visitors during University Open Days. We need friendly, outgoing and organised students to accompany people down to halls on the bus, hand out halls information and show people around our halls. We generally have about seven Open Days a year and they are usually on Saturdays. An Open Day shift can be anything from 5 - 7 hours and ambassadors can opt-in or out to work the days that suit them.

Ryan Calvert

To apply to university is a big move. To move away from home is an even bigger one. In this job, I want to help with the huge decisions students have to make and make it as easy as possible. That's why I love meeting students and parents on open days.

Hall Events Ambassador

Residence life programme

Hall Event Ambassadors also help us deliver our Residence Life programme in halls. The programme offers free or subsidised events and activities for halls residents to get to know each other and try new things. As well as being able to attend events while working, ambassadors get to meet lots of people and could be doing anything from running a quiz or open mic night to taking students on a day trip to London. Hours are flexible to suit but are generally a few hours in the evenings and some Saturdays.

an image of three social reps together at an event

The job is incredibly fun and rewarding! From day trips to laser tag, I’ve worked a variety of events and met so many students. The team are wonderful people and having the opportunity to work alongside them has been amazing. I’d recommend this job to anyone!!

Halls Events Ambassador

Residential Assistants

Each hall has two or three Residential Assistants (RAs) who live at that hall and have regular shifts during the evening and weekends working for the site team. Full training is given for the role which is offered on an annual contract. We advertise the vacancies every year in February through the University’s current vacancies. As well as the financial benefits of the job, it also looks great on your CV and RA teams can make friends for life. 

Find out more or register your interest

Before the vacancies for Residential Assistants are advertised in February, you can contact one of our team to find out what the job involves or just to register your interest.


Megan smiling

As an RA, I received a monthly wage, while continuing my studies and I also got a discount on the rent which made it financially manageable. The job has lots of benefits: no commute, meeting lots of people and having the inside scoop on what goes on in halls.

Residential Assistant for two years

Flexible working to fit around your studies

Some of our Residential Assistants have worked for us for more than one year because they like the flexibility the role offers. They say working as an RA doesn't have a negative impact on their studies. In fact, many are grateful for the fact that they can fit the job around their course commitments. There is also the option to swap shifts with colleagues if required.

Lewis outside a halls of residence

I have enjoyed the opportunity to work and live with friendly and interesting people. Being an RA has helped give me a good university experience and provided me with valuable skills and experience which I can take to any future job.

Residential Assistant for three years