Want to swap rooms or leave halls?

Changing rooms


In the present circumstances, and in the interests of public health Student Living will not be approving any room moves in Derby halls during the first few weeks of this academic year. After that time, we may consider a request for a room move if there are extenuating circumstances which support it. If you would like to swap rooms, please contact your Hall Manager in the first instance so you can discuss the reasons for a room move with them. Please be aware that room moves will only be approved in exceptional circumstances 


To change rooms, there's an administration fee of £25 that you'll need to pay before you move. You will have to sign a new letting agreement to replace your existing one and we'll arrange a date for you to move. When you've moved, we'll check your old room for damage. If your fees in your new hall are less than you have been paying, we'll refund the difference into your bank account.

Leaving halls 

When we can release you from your contract:

Parking refunds for residents who withdraw from their contracts

The car parking permit is issued for the duration of a resident's tenancy agreement and is non-refundable whilst the holder is a registered student at University.  In the event of someone withdrawing from the University, the costs of the car parking permit charge will be calculated on the same basis as the cost of withdrawing from a contract. This means that:

Parking refunds for residents who are released from their contracts

In the event of a release, the costs of your car parking permit will be calculated on the basis of the release date. So, for example, if the release date is 1 March, parking is refundable from 2 March until the end of the academic year.

To find more details in relation to yours and Student Living's obligations regarding withdrawals from University and releases from contract, please refer to section 7 of your Letting Agreement. 

When we can't release you from your contract:

You can always contact us

If you are unsure about the withdrawal process and the process of leaving halls, don’t forget you can talk to any of our staff. There is also a useful booklet that outlines the process produced by the University's Student Support and Information Services and you should be able to pick one of those up at the Student Centre at Kedleston Road in Derby or the Dome in Buxton.