City and countryside

This is a university where you can have it all. Experience bright city life one day and be in stunning countryside the next.

You can party in clubs and bars or chill-out in parks, shops and cafés. Be adventurous indoors and out, get competitive with sports, see amazing bands, or immerse yourself in culture.

Is laid back living your thing, or are you an adrenaline junkie always seeking adventure? Are you a culture lover looking to learn new things or do you live for the night? Do your friends see you as a sports fanatic, or are you a frequent gig goer obsessed with music? Whichever of these you identify with, Derby is the place where you can follow your interests as well as explore new passions, all while studying for a top quality degree.

Explore the six profiles below to see which one best describes you - then get our top tips for what to do in Derby, Buxton or Chesterfield.

Sadler Gate, Derby city centre
Derbyshire countryside
Students in Brooklyn Social Club, Derby
University of Derby campuses

Our campuses

Based in the heart of England, our three campuses in Derbyshire are inspiring places to be.

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About Derby, Buxton and Chesterfield

We have three campuses – Derby, Buxton and Chesterfield. They are all in Derbyshire, central England. Find out more about these campuses including the courses that are based at each one.

They are all great places to live for different reasons. Discover why: