City and countryside

We understand that as well as wanting to find your study fulfilling, you also want to enjoy your free time outside of studying with many activities. 

Derby has loads to offer! Whether you want to enjoy music and nightlife, dance, go shopping, get involved in sports, or be adventurous whilst exploring the Peak District, you’ll find plenty to do in our fun-packed city and beautiful countryside. 

Our city

Derby is a vibrant and diverse city with fantastic history and many places to have fun and unwind. 

Our city is also recognised as a Purple Flag City, meaning we are recognised as a safe city, meeting the five core standards needed to be seen as excellent in managing the evening and night-time economy. 

Watch our short video below to discover what our students love about living in Derby! 

Our city

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Below we have come up with six key profiles that best describe a lot of the students that come to the University of Derby, along with top tips for what to do in Derby and the surrounding countryside. 

At the University of Derby, you can follow your passions and interests whichever of these profiles you identify with, all whilst studying to receive a top quality undergraduate or postgraduate degree. 

Let us know which profile best describes you on social media using the hashtag #DerbyUni 

Scroll further down this page to see a selection of blogs featuring opinions from our very own students about things such as favourite places to eat, top five places to visit and more.

International student Ioana Batcu

Derby is a compact but versatile city, the ideal size. Located in the Midlands, it’s in the heart of the UK, so you can explore the rest of the country. Just get in the car, jump on the bus or take the train to start your new adventure.

Ioana Batcu
On where Derby is in the UK

Tamzin's favourite places to visit in Derby city

Undergraduate student Tamzin Burch

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Students chatting in a coffee shop

Your top five questions about living in Derby

We've answered the top five FAQs we receive about living in Derby so you can catch up on what there is to know about being a student here.

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Students sat on a bed in halls

Cost of living

With the fast rise in the cost of living, it's more challenging to balance spending. Learning how to be clever with your money has become necessary, so here are several ways that the University of Derby can support you.

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