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Our students’ favourite places to eat in Derby

Our Derby students love to meet up in the city to share time over delicious food, the odd drink, and some much needed coffee. They’ve come together in this blog to share their favourite places to eat across Derby city.

No matter what your food preferences are – from burgers to curries, vegan or gluten free – there is certainly a large selection to choose from.

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By Ryan O'Riordan - 10 December 2019

Annie's Burger Shack

I'm sure you'll agree that burgers are always a good idea. Annie's offers you a multitude of recipes and monthly themed burgers, and everything is available as meaty, veggie or 100% vegan. There are even 'gluten minimal' options. All burgers come with a choice of fries, curly fries, wedges, sweet potato fries and a range of sides. There's also a wide selection of drinks available at the bar, or you could choose a milkshake (which can be made vegan if requested). What else do you need to convince you?

Visit Annie's Burger Shack to find out more.


A popular café located on Iron Gate, BEAR have recently expanded into the intu shopping centre. Their yummy breakfast options aren't ones to be missed. Whether you're craving avocado on toast or eggs benedict, BEAR have you covered with their delicious menu! In the evening, BEAR turns into a trendy bar, making it a hit with people across the city. Whether you visit during the day with your laptop in tow or at night with your pals, you won't be disappointed.

Visit BEAR to find out more.

Carnero Lounge

The beautiful artwork dotted around the restaurant provides a relaxing and welcoming, yet quirky, environment. They also have the friendliest of staff; it really is a place you can spend hours with friends. It has become a 'go to' restaurant for many students for evening meals, daytime socials or drinks over the weekend.

The upstairs of this restaurant is ideal to hold creative activities with friends over the weekend. It's a great venue to chill and study too. We've not even mentioned the variety of foods yet and you're probably already considering a visit.

What we love about Carnero Lounge is the amazing variety of food and drinks on offer; from vegan to meaty options, gluten free options, all day breakfasts, salads and coffee - there's something for everyone! You don't have to worry about allergens either because their smart online menu allows you to filter your options by allergen/s, forming a customised menu of food that's allergen-free.

Visit Carnero Lounge to find out more.

Costa Coffee

If you're after some peace and quiet and a good spot to people watch, Costa Coffee on St Peters Street is the place for you. Filled with classic favourites all year round, you can't go wrong with Costa. Bundling inside after a chilly walk around the city centre is ideal - the perfect location to grab a warm hot chocolate and a tasty sweet treat!

Visit Costa Coffee to find out more.

Cosy Club

Cosy club is exactly what the name would suggest... cosy! It's a restaurant/bar hybrid and it's the place to head if you're on the search for delicious food and equally delicious cocktails. They have interesting options to try, including vegan 'fish' and chips and a mac and cheese burger. The décor is beautiful and very upmarket - you feel like you're dining in luxury, yet the prices aren't too high. Definitely one to scope out if you enjoy a happy hour... or two.

Visit Cosy Club to find out more.


Frites chips are taken to the next level. If you have never been, you're missing out! It's basically a design-your-own chip bar. They have a wide range of toppings to choose from, including herbs and spices, cheeses, sauces, meats and veggies. They also have set choices so if you're a bit indecisive, they can be a huge help! Their flavour combinations are perfectly crafted and, along with their tasty authentic Belgian fries, are a must try.

Visit Frites to find out more.

The Kitchen Café

The Kitchen Café is small, warm and welcoming.

It's great for all ages and suits a range of dietary requirements. The staff definitely go the extra mile for their customers. They're happy to adapt their vegetarian menu to vegan so there's something for everyone to enjoy.

This café also has a wide selection of hot drinks - their hot chocolate is amazing on a cold day!

Visit The Kitchen Café to find out more.

Project D

To help satisfy that sweet tooth in all of us there really is no better place than Project D. They have so many flavours to choose from, ranging from the traditional sugar coated or glazed doughnuts, to vegan options or new and unique combinations, like their dark chocolate doughnuts rolled in Maryland cookies and filled with Maryland cream! You will be spoilt for choice.

Project D and the University also have a good relationship so, as they're often on-site, you could even grab a doughnut between lectures.

Visit Project D to find out more.

Spice Lounge

If you're thinking about spicing up your weekend with a touch of luxury, Spice Lounge is the place to be. The flavours and aroma of the food are sure to put you in a good mood. The menu, representing one of the world's most popular cuisines, offers authentic Indian specialities within an inviting atmosphere. We recommend the chicken tikka chaat and garlic naan.

Visit Spice Lounge to find out more.


A pure vegan café ran by a local family, Vedi is ideally located just outside the intu shopping centre. Their menu offers a wide range of healthy options - from acai smoothie bowls, breakfast burritos, simple yet delicious double baked potatoes, a range of homemade cakes, all the coffee you can imagine and even vegan hot chocolate. It's an affordable café for students who are looking for a calm location to chill solo or with friends.

Visit Vedi to find out more.

The Standing Order (a Wetherspoon pub)

Wetherspoon pubs, known for being 'cheap and cheerful', are the classic meeting place for students. If you're interested in a casual catch-up over food, The Standing Order offers a range of choices - from fried British breakfasts to burgers, pizza and an array of vegan options. Along with an extensive drinks menu, well-known for its versatility, Wetherspoons guarantees good food and a good time at an affordable price.

Visit The Standing Order to find out more.

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