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Give yourself a head start in today’s global jobs market and make unforgettable memories with our Global Opportunities.

Take on the world

We offer various opportunities for you to spend time in another country through our Global Opportunities, including studying at our partner universities or working on a placement or traineeship. You will gain valuable life skills and international experience, helping you develop as an individual personally, professionally and academically.   

Studying or working abroad will enable you to see the world from a different viewpoint, gain confidence and independence, and boost your communication skills. These are all qualities that employers value highly, so your time abroad could boost your CV and help you on the way to your future career. 

Not to mention, spending time abroad will provide you with unforgettable memories, the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures, and develop a global network of friends and connections.   

Most opportunities are one-month traineeships or studies taking place in the second semester or over the summer. 

Each year, the opportunities available vary but previous destinations have included Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Brazil, Thailand, USA, Mexico and South Africa. 

Turing Scheme

If you decide to study or work abroad, you may be able to get some funding from the Turing Scheme. The Turing Scheme is the UK government’s avenue to provide funding for international opportunities in education and training across the world.

Three students and a professor at KMUTT in Thailand

Robert's study abroad experience in Thailand

Computer Science student Robert headed to Thailand for a month where he expanded his knowledge, made new connections, and had an unforgettable experience.

Read Robert's blogRead Robert's blog
Student at police station in Brazil as part of Study Abroad

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the opportunity. It was an invaluable experience that opened my eyes to what's out there, and it reassured me about my abilities and knowledge.

Charlize David
On her experience in Brazil
University of Derby student in Mexico as part of Study Abroad experience

Volunteering in Mexico

Nursing student Natalia volunteered for placement during her second year helping migrants in Mexico.

Read Natalia's blogRead Natalia's blog
Film Production student Mari Olan diving while in Malta

My exchange experience: An internship in Malta

Mari Olan successfully applied for work experience at Malta Film Studios, one of the largest production facilities in the world. She worked as a 2nd Assistant Director, and towards her dive license at weekends!

Dive into Mari's storyDive into Mari's story
Traditional building in Thailand

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