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University of Derby's Kedleston Road campus with signage that reads 'The Future is You'

Initial Teacher Education programmes at the University of Derby have been rated as ‘Outstanding’ in the institution’s Ofsted report.

Sabrina Hobbs and Professor Kathryn Mitchell

Students from St Martins School in Derby, part of Shaw Education Trust, are gaining valuable work experience and employability skills in a Supported Internship Pilot at the University of Derby.

A group of people in front of a sign that reads University of Derby Lonsdale House

A technique that could help build large structures in space and give ‘space junk’ a new lease of life is being trialled by a team of scientists led by the University of Derby.

A group of people in front of a brightly coloured wall

Garment workers and their employers are taking part in a research project which aims to promote more responsible business practices. The project involves a team of researchers from the University of Derby, University of Essex, Manchester Metropolitan University and Universal College Bangladesh.

Dr Jordan Phethean

A major international research project is aiming to find new water sources to address the growing demand for water and the challenges posed by climate change.

A person in front of a screen containing data

The next Parliament should reform skills policy to help address skills shortages and build a highly skilled workforce capable of boosting productivity and expanding opportunity for all. This is the finding of Skills 2030, the latest report from Policy Connect.

Two people sitting and talking, one holding a microphone

Breakdancer Kid Karam has delivered a special masterclass at the city’s Saturday Club, run by the University of Derby.

Professor Kathryn Mitchell, Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin and Lord William Burlington

Representatives from global industry giants, along with politicians and key figures from higher education, attended a high-profile event at the House of Lords on Tuesday to celebrate the University of Derby’s Business School.  

A group of people smiling

A podcast created by students from Alperton Community School in Wembley has won first prize in a competition run by the University of Derby in collaboration with Gogglebox star and education expert Baasit Siddiqui.

The city of Derby at night

A research team led by the University of Derby, and working in partnership with leading cultural organisations, are seeking to highlight the city’s links Dracula.

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