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Business Services

The University of Derby is one the UK’s most advanced centres of personal development, in one of its most historically innovative cities. Why not use our resources, expertise and contacts to help you grow, produce and profit?

We want to bring the University closer to the city – a part of our people’s future, a partner for our businesses. So we’ve recruited some very senior people, from organisations you’ll know, who say it like it is and know what makes a business work.

With their help, and your permission, we can be the coach, mentor and guiding hand that’s there for you, when you ask, with the right answer.

As far as we know - and we've looked – this is something entirely new. It’s your university, working alongside high-level industry experts, using everything it has for the good of small and medium-size businesses in the local economy.

You won’t get solutions from a textbook – you’ll get practical answers drawn from real business experience that you can put to work straight away.

It could be help with a funding application. Or access to expertise and technology. Or practical research that gives insight into your market.

You might be looking for event/conference facilities and experts to organise them. Maybe serviced office space to help you get going, with the help of someone that's been there and knows.

How about a talented graduate ready to fill a role? A fresh, eager pair of hands to cover a short-term peak in workload? An online course or a chance for your staff to learn as they work?

Just ask. We’re ready.

This is something new for us and a new opportunity for your business. Derby is the UK’s capital of innovation, so why not? The people of the city have always thought, invented, made and influenced. And our job is to help people succeed in a place that always encouraged success.

So how can we help you?