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Advance your knowledge and grow your network: these are our upcoming events for business people, most of which are free to attend. They include conferences and networking events, business advice workshops, and public lectures on today’s most interesting issues.

Odhran from Goldbox Productions using a DSRL camera to take a photo.

Whether focussing on a new or existing customer base, these workshops will help you entice and excite customers about your brand.

A group of business leaders networking in a room.

This workshop is all about getting connected and staying connected. In business, though it’s sometimes daunting, networking is everything – a strong network is your bread and butter.

A laptop screen with data charts

Fundamental maths topics, are used in almost every profession. Join this session to learn how to create reports, plan finances or carry out other numerical tasks with much greater confidence.

A designer working on an Apple Mac to create some branded vans for VK.

Explore the core principles that underly effective marketing practice.

A laptop screen with data charts

Small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have experienced many challenges in recent years. Learn how to develop the resilience of your organisation, by creating a framework to improve productivity and efficiency.

DNA strand
public lecture

Dementia is the term for a group of disorders that affect the brain, where Alzheimer’s disease represents 64% of cases. Although an incurable, progressive disease, Professor Myra Conway will explore how our understanding of the underlying causes can offer new therapeutic approaches to delay disease onset.

Person typing at their laptop in a private study area.

If you use data within your organisation, it is imperative that you are compliant with the latest legislation. Join this session to ensure you have the most up to date knowledge of data governance.

Odhran and Josh from goldbox on a photoshoot, directing a client with where to stand.

Revolving around the three main phases of marketing strategy – planning, execution and evaluation – these three-part workshops condense years of experience and learning into a distilled and workable marketing solution for SMEs in the Derbyshire area.

Two people in a business meeting using sticky notes.

Regularly reviewing the performance of your organisation and identifying areas for improvement is especially important during challenging times. Learn the tools and techniques you can use to help you continuously improve your business.

A person presenting at a whiteboard as part of a business meeting.

Discover the essential elements of project management and the methodology to manage risk and delivery.

Happy people at a University of Derby event

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