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Advance your knowledge and grow your network: these are our upcoming events for business people, most of which are free to attend. They include conferences and networking events, business advice workshops, and public lectures on today’s most interesting issues.

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Do you want to develop products or services that will give your organisation maximum return on investment? Join this workshop to learn the tools and techniques that will ensure optimal profits for your new initiatives.

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How do you know how much of a product to manufacture or how to deal with uncertainty in the marketplace? Join this workshop to find out.

Two people looking at graphs on a laptop over a table containing a glass of water, pencils, a notebook and a ruler.

Managing business risk and developing resilience is vital in the current climate. Join this two-part workshop series to learn the tools and techniques you can use to effectively strengthen your organisation and ensure your business objectives are realised.

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This series provides a unique opportunity for graduates and professionals in the early stages of their careers, to learn the fundamental business skills needed to excel, whilst developing a network of contacts within their industry.

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Project management skills are key in ensuring a project runs smoothly and is completed within the required timeframe. Critical path analysis is fundamental within any project and when applied correctly, can create efficiency and cost savings. Join us to find out how you can use this important technique within your own organisation.

Man in a suit, speaking with a microphone in his hand

Harnessing the power of a team through identifying and combining individual strengths is a key component in successful leadership. Designed for current leaders and aspiring leaders alike, this workshop series offers a unique opportunity to discover the tools you will need to positively lead others and help create a productive and effective work environment.

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Managing cashflow is key to developing a thriving business. Without cash, there is no business! Join us to learn these fundamental financial skills.

A man looking at financial data

If you are thinking of securing funding or an external investment for your business then this workshop is a must. Learn the areas you will need to consider, from a highly experienced financial management consultant.

Person with glasses looking at computer screen

Adopting new digital technology can be a risky and expensive investment for many organisations, so timing is everything! Join this workshop to learn the strategies that will help you move forwards confidently and make the most of your investment.

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