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Advance your knowledge and grow your network: these are our upcoming events for business people, most of which are free to attend. They include conferences and networking events, business advice workshops, and public lectures on today’s most interesting issues.

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The Electric Fleet Transformation scheme will assist SMEs transition to zero emission vehicles by providing access to specialist knowledge and training.

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Fundamental maths topics, are used in almost every profession. Join this session to learn how to create reports, plan finances or carry out other numerical tasks with much greater confidence.

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This workshop will explore why family businesses are more likely to be low growth or static growth companies and provide some solutions to making sure that this doesn't happen to your business.


Join this workshop with our academic expert to help you navigate the wealth of data now available and identify how you can make sound judgements about the data you use.

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Through Investors in the Environment, you will understand your impacts, take action, and demonstrate progress through an externally verified and credible scheme.

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If you’re looking to connect with others in the aerospace, rail or automotive supply chain sector and find out how to grow your organisation, then our Back to Business event is for you.

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What is a technology roadmap and why should an organisation have one? With increasing pressures of digital innovation, demand for ‘smart’ products, shifts from product ownership to subscription and service business models it can be clear (sometimes!) the vision you have for the products and services that will define your business in the future.

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This free workshop for businesses will help you maximise your LinkedIn presence. It's aimed at beginner and intermediate users of LinkedIn.

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This workshop is all about getting connected and staying connected. In business, though it’s sometimes daunting, networking is everything – a strong network is your bread and butter.

This workshop explains what new product development is and briefly covers the history and pioneers of product development. We will delve into several of the different process models, including product development lifecycles, and discuss the best practices for developing your own new product introduction processes.

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