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Man in a suit, speaking with a microphone in his hand

Harnessing the power of a team through identifying and combining individual strengths is a key component in successful leadership. Designed for current leaders and aspiring leaders alike, this workshop series offers a unique opportunity to discover the tools you will need to positively lead others and help create a productive and effective work environment.

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a bird's eye view of Derby Cathedral and the buildings in the city centre

If your business is part of the local high street and you’d like inspiration on how to attract more customers, this is the masterclass for you. Discover insights from the most up-to-date research and ask our expert your retail-related questions.

Person sitting at a desk using a laptop.

Our workshop is specifically tailored to organisations supplying the aerospace, automobile and rail sectors and addresses the unique challenges which may arise.

Professor Warren Manning sitting outside the Markeaton Campus wearing a navy suit and red and black striped tie.
public lecture

Professor Manning's lecture will look at the evolution of modern vehicles and how the innovation and research community has responded to various imperatives to improve performance.

Three students stand in the atrium at the Kedleston Road campus.

The major event during National Apprenticeship Week 2022, the event aims to showcase the apprenticeship opportunities across our region. Many well-known employers will be talking about the apprenticeships on offer at their company, and existing apprentices will be sharing their experiences too.

student on laptop in quiet private study

Learn the tools and techniques to position your products and services in a way that will attract your ideal customers to your business.

A person analysing charts and using a laptop

If you have big ambitions for your business in 2022 then this is the event for you. Discover the support available to help make your goals a reality and expand your network through meeting like-minded business leaders.

Two people looking at a window with sticky notes on

Creating an appealing brand for your organisation is the key to attracting valuable customers. Join this workshop to discover why it is such a precious marketing asset and how you can develop your own B2B brand.

The Atrium at Kedleston Road during an Open Day
open day

Join us at our on-campus Undergraduate Open Day on Saturday 26 February where you will be able to meet our teaching teams and students and explore our facilities and award-winning accommodation.

A laptop screen with data charts

In today’s challenging business environment, change is inevitable. But how do you know when to make changes? How do you make changes that have the most chance of success? Join this workshop to find out.

PG student studying

Regularly reviewing the performance of your organisation and identifying areas for improvement is especially important during challenging times. Learn the tools and techniques you can use to help you continuously improve your business.

Person looks at a screen that contains a graph and stock data.

If you would like to know more about the finances of your organisation, and how financial data can be used to improve business performance then this workshop is for you.

Postgraduate student sitting at a table looking at a laptop and holding a pen.

Creating content for your marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Discover the simple tools and techniques to create copy that will resonate with your target market, whilst increasing engagement and generating new leads.

Person operating machinery in a workshop.

Learn the stages of a proven new product development process that will help manage risk and drastically improve the probability of success in the marketplace.

Three students in the atrium looking around the careers fair.

Join our annual Careers Fair on Thursday 10 March 2022 to raise your company's profile and attract our student and graduate talent.

Machine measuring the size of a product

Do you want to develop products or services that will give your organisation maximum return on investment? Join this workshop to learn the tools and techniques that will ensure optimal profits for your new initiatives.

Reflection of a person looking at a graph on screen

How do you know how much of a product to manufacture or how to deal with uncertainty in the marketplace? Join this workshop to find out.

Open Window

This one-day symposium 'Creative Homemaking: Visualising Home in Times of Crisis' aims to bring together artists, researchers, curators, and the wider audience to discuss new perspectives and experiences in visualising home in times of crisis.

Macbook and yellow pencil on a table, with a hand holding an iphone

Managing cashflow is key to developing a thriving business. Without cash, there is no business! Join us to learn these fundamental financial skills.

The Atrium at Kedleston Road during an Open Day
open day

Join us at our on-campus Undergraduate Open Day on Saturday 26 March where you will be able to meet our teaching teams and students and explore our facilities and award-winning accommodation.

Two people working in a warehouse, looking at a clipboard.

Join us for our annual Logistics and Supply Chain Week. The week attracts professionals, academics and students, providing opportunities to share information and to hear about the latest thinking in this global industry.

Wind turbines and solar panels against a city backdrop.

Join us to help your business prepare and profit from a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future.

A man looking at financial data

If you are thinking of securing funding or an external investment for your business then this workshop is a must. Learn the areas you will need to consider, from a highly experienced financial management consultant.

person pointing at a graph on a monitor

If you are a business owner, you’ll already know the importance of maintaining accurate accountancy records. But do you know how to make the most of your relationship with your accountant and accounting software? Join this workshop to find out how.

Person with glasses looking at computer screen

Adopting new technology can be a risky and expensive investment for many organisations, so timing is everything. Join this workshop to learn the strategies that will help you move forwards confidently and make the most of your investment.