This page contains the latest information to keep our students, staff, and our community safe. We are looking forward to an enjoyable year ahead, but our number one priority is to keep everyone safe as we continue to work through the challenges of Covid-19.  

This page will be frequently updated with new information and guidance in line with any announcements from government.  

If you have symptoms (a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or have seen a change or loss to your sense of taste and smell), have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 or you are shielding, you must: 

          Students need to make us aware immediately 

          Staff members need to follow the guidance that has been communicated. 


  • When you are on site at University, face coverings will be mandatory (unless an exemption applies such as medical reasons) in all areas apart from classrooms and office spaces. This is because classrooms and office spaces will be adhering to the 1 metre plus social distancing Government guidelines. You are free to wear a face covering in these areas if you wish but we ask you to respect other people’s choices on the matter.  
  • The University of Derby is proud to operate the Sunflower Scheme. If you are not able to wear a face covering for a medical reason you can wear a sunflower badge or lanyard to show this. You can collect a sunflower badge from University reception desks and the Union of Students’ shops. If you see people wearing one this means they have a hidden disability.
  • Ensure that you are thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water regularly for 20 seconds.  
  • Do not share equipment with each other, such as writing pens, as the virus can spread on surfaces.  
  • Follow the signs in work areas to clean the area you are working or studying at with the equipment provided.  

We have introduced enhanced cleaning regimes across our sites to help create a Covid-secure environment for students, staff and visitors. We have followed the latest guidance and all our ventilation systems have been altered so they do not recirculate air but instead bring in fresh air from outside. The ventilation systems will also be running for 2 hours before and 2 hours after rooms are used. 

Everyone has a personal responsibility for ensuring that the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained for the safety of everyone attending on site. Our cleaning regime includes increased cleaning duties across all areas, including critical touchpoints in high footfall areas and the provision of hand sanitisers in common areas, entrances and exits.  

All sites have internal one-way systems and clear signage that everyone must follow, wherever possible. This includes changes to our entrances and exits to sites which are now as follows: 

Kedleston Road: Enter via main reception and exit through the B Block link.   

Markeaton Street: Enter and exit through the Pybus Street and Brook entrances at either end of The Street.  

Britannia Mill: Enter via main reception and exit through the Ground Floor exit on Markeaton Street into the upper car park area.  

Enterprise Centre: Enter and exit through main reception.  

One Friar Gate Square: Enter and exit through main reception. 

Chesterfield: Enter and exit through main reception.  

Buxton: Enter and exit through main reception.  

  • You must follow the instructions on all campus signage. 
  • Please adhere to social distancing on our sites and while you are travelling to them. 
  • You must ensure that you are maintain the Rule of Six and do not gather in groups of more than six 

We are confident that we can all succeed this year and are fully committed to our ‘Together Pledge’ 

The following information covers a range of information relating to all aspects of University life. Staff can also find a range of guidance materials on the intranet. 

The 2020/21 Academic Year

Our teaching sites are open and we look forward to seeing students and staff on site. Due to Covid-19, our Educational Model for teaching and learning this academic year is a blended applied learning approach. This means that students will experience a mixture of on-campus teaching and digital, off-campus learning.  

The Government’s ‘Rule of Six’ guidance from 9 September 2020, which limits social gatherings of more than six people, does not apply to education but does apply to our Halls of Residence (see section 4 below). The teaching taking place on site will be done so in a socially distanced way, where possible with 2 metres between people, or with 1 metre plus other precautions in place.

University facilities

The wide range of University facilities on site will be operating in a socially distanced way. Students will be able to access digital services via UDo but you are still able to access a wide range of on-campus services:

Our Libraries are open. There have been several changes to how they operate to keep everyone safe. This includes an important safety measure where you will book a slot to access the Library. You will be able to use our booking service which also shows the latest opening times. 

We know that you might feel worried about the coronavirus (Covid-19), how this is affecting your life and what support is available to you. Please remember our Student Wellbeing Service is here to support you.  

The College Student Centres are open and will be able to help you with lots of information around enrolment, your timetable and a range of general enquires. If you are a European or International student, you can also visit the College Student Centres for any advice on visas and your funding. 

The Sports Centre at Kedleston Road is open and is following the rules relating to gyms from the Government and Sport England.  

The Union of Students continue to work hard to support and represent all students and offer a wide range of support and Covid-compliant events. 

The Multi-faith Centre is open and will be operating with social distancing rules in place.  

There are a wide range of catering outlets across our campuses all of which are now open Monday to Friday. These are the latest opening times: 

Kedleston Road 

Eat Central: 11.00am – 3.00pm  

Starbucks: 8.00am – 3.00pm  

Subway: 8.00am – 3.00pm  

Blends: 8.00am – 3.00pm  

Keddies: 8.00am – 3.00pm  

One Friar Gate Square: 8.00am – 3.00pm  

Britannia Mill:  8.00am – 3.00pm  

Chesterfield:  8.00 – 3.00pm  

Buxton: Monday-Thursday 8:30am – 3:30pm and Friday 8:30am – 3:00pm 

Please wear a face covering and follow the floor markings when using the catering outlets. All catering outlets take payment by cardwhich is preferredbut they will also accept cash. Please also note that unfortunately you will not be able to use your reusable cup due to cross-contamination risks.  

Health and Safety

As well as the information at the top of this page, everyone must ensure that they are adhering to the latest Government and NHS guidance. This information is extremely important - we take our responsibility in this very seriously and so must you. 

If you are a student and you believe that you are in a high-risk category, are shielding, or if you are facing Covid-19-related transport restrictions or associated financial issues, please inform us as soon as you can if you wish study remotely.

You may be contacted by the NHS via its Test and Trace scheme. If this happens please ensure you follow the guidance you are given. If, as a result of Test and Trace, you are told to self-isolate because of being in contact with someone with a positive case, please ensure you inform us immediately.

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic may impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Students can find some helpful information and guidance on the Student Minds website. Staff members are able to access a confidential and impartial advice service, details of which are available on the Staff Intranet.

If you are a disabled student, you may need reasonable adjustments, due to the impact of COVID-19. If you would like to request a support plan or a review of an existing support plan, please contact Student Wellbeing.

If, as a result of shielding, you require reasonable adjustments, you are advised to contact Student Wellbeing to request a support plan or a review of an existing support plan. 

Halls of Residence

Yes, the University is following government guidelines and will continue to provide accommodation for those students who need it. 

You will need to self-isolate for 14 days or until you receive a negative coronavirus test result.

If one of your flat mates develops symptoms then you should not leave your flat for 14 days or until a negative test result has been received.  

The student concerned should arrange to have a test to see if they have COVID-19. If their test result is positive, they will need to follow the same advice for people with COVID-19 symptoms – that is, after 10 days of their symptoms starting, if they feel better and no longer have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell or taste – they can return to their normal routine.

At the end of the 14-day period or after a negative test result has been received, anyone in the household who has not become unwell can return to their normal routine.

1. Let your Hall Manager know as soon as you think you have symptoms or have tested positive.

2. Tell your flat mates. They will need to self- isolate too.

3. Stay inside.

4. Do not go to work, University or public places.

5. Do your grocery shopping online so that it can be delivered straight to your door.

6. Don’t have any visitors inside your flat. It’s ok for friends, family or delivery drivers to drop things off at your door but you should not have physical contact with them.

7. Hall staff will deliver your post straight to your door.

If any person in the flat with COVID-19 symptoms has not had any signs of improvement and has not already sought medical advice, they should use the NHS 111 online COVID-19 service. If they do not have internet access, they should call NHS 111. For a medical emergency, they should dial 999.

Remember, a cough or anosmia (a loss of, or change, in the sense of taste or smell), may persist for several weeks in some people, despite the infection having cleared. A persistent cough or anosmia does not mean someone needs to continue to self-isolate for more than 10 days.

If you are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable and were advised to ‘shield’ during the height of the pandemic, you should follow the usual guidelines and take extra precautions in line with government advice. Please let your Hall Manager know if you are in this category.

You can keep up to date with the latest NHS advice on all aspects of coronavirus at

We will also send communications to you so please make sure you read any emails sent to you by Student Living or your Hall Manager. You can keep up to date with what’s happening in halls through the University of Derby Accommodation Facebook page and the @DerbyUniHalls Instagram and Twitter accounts.

You will need to report this to the University via the student Covid-19 reporting form. You should also book a free NHS test and tell your Hall Manager and flat mates immediately. Both you and your flat mates will need to self-isolate.  Your Hall Manager can discuss what support is available to you and what steps you should be taking. 

The social distancing protocols in halls have been communicated to all residents via the halls online induction and there are reminders under the Halls tile on the UDo app. The guidance there includes advice on using the laundry, collecting post, social bubbles and visitors.

In addition posters and regular messaging to residents will be put in place to make sure that students are aware of public health guidelines.

Visitors to halls are restricted at present to ensure that we comply with public health advice. Flats are classed as households and students must comply with the government guidance in relation to this and not breach the “rule of six”. Some visitors may be permitted if a resident requests this via the Hall Manager and completes a visitor form. 

You should inform your Hall Manager about the outcome of your test regardless of whether you have received a positive result or a negative result. 

At the moment there are two weekly virtual events for residents. On Mondays from 6.30pm - 8.30pm you can join in our yoga sessions organised by #Andrahealth. On Tuesdays from 6.30pm - 7.30pm join Marie for our Creative Arts Social. More details can be found on the University of Derby Accommodation Facebook page.

We have a comprehensive delivery plan to make sure residents and staff at halls stay safe. Halls staff will be following social distancing guidelines when delivering all services to students, so that you will be reassured when:

  • collecting your post,  
  • having your flat cleaned,  
  • using communal areas or
  • participating in our actual and virtual events programme.   

We also have full plans in place for all eventualities including: 

  • self-isolation arrangements 
  • room moves 
  • visitors 
  • a possible second spike  

Everything will be organised to put your safety and wellbeing first and staff will be on hand to provide advice to students about managing the risk of infection.

We understand that this is a worrying time for many of our students. Our Halls Managers are fully contactable through our usual channels, so please get in touch if you require any support. Also, our Wellbeing Team offer support to all students experiencing distress arising from psychological, emotional or mental health issues. They can be contacted on 01332 593000 or 

Student responsibility

It is essential that you take personal responsibility for your own safety, and the safety of others, by fully complying with all the information provided on this page and the latest local and national government restrictions. We will ensure we keep you updated with that information and it is crucial that you read and follow it to help keep us all safe. This is why we have written our ‘Together Pledge’. 

Students make up a large proportion of local residents and we therefore want to encourage all students to ensure that they are being a good neighbour 

Failure to comply with Government and University guidance will be taken extremely seriously. Where necessary, the University will take action, including potential disciplinary action to protect both the City and the University community.  

All students are subject to the Student Code of Conduct 

Any occurrences of misconduct or planned events that will go against Government and University guidelines can be reported to so that we can instigate procedures. 

The Government set out a range of enforceable measures that you must be aware of. If you fail to wear a face covering or meeting in groups of more than six, the fine for this is £200 on the first offence.  

It is important that you are pro active in supporting your own health needs. We have a campus based GP Surgery at Kedleston Road named Park Medical Practice. All appointments will be made and completed by phone. Please do not come into the surgery unless you have been advised to by a member of the practice team. The team will be on site Monday – Friday 2:00pm – 6:00pm for pre arranged appointments only. If you are a student and need to move your GP practice you can register with Park Medical Practice.  

If you need to self-isolate at any point in the future, it is now good practice for you to ensure that you have all the items that you need in your household. These include any medications and personal items that you require.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you must inform the University if you have Covid-19 symptoms using the Covid-19 reporting form. 

Yes, you must inform the University if you receive a positive test result for Covid-19 using the Covid-19 reporting form. 

Yes, you must inform the University if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 using the Covid-19 reporting form. 

We have developed a guidance page for all European and International Students arriving for this academic year. The information can be accessed on this page. If you need further information, please contact your College Student Centre 

As students will be receiving our blended learning Educational Model this academic year with a mix of on and off campus learning and access to a wide range of student services and University facilities, we will not be offering tuition fee refunds. 


We recognise that current events and uncertainty may have impacted your ability to prepare for your assessment, if you need support you can apply for Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances (EECs), which covers assessments such as presentations, exams, and coursework. If approved, an EEC will normally give you give a new assessment and new deadline. Please apply for this in the usual way (see UDo Student Centre tile > Assessments – for guidance). 

We have paused all international travel for staff and students. All non-essential business travel across the UK has been stopped until further notice.

We're working with and providing a wide range of support to the NHS, local councils, organisations and communities across the city and county. Learn more about how we're supporting the community

Health and Social Care students currently on work placement

This guidance was last updated on Thursday 8th October 2020 at 4pm

Clinical placements have very effective processes in place to manage patients with coronavirus. Please follow the guidance and policies in your work placement. Students who may be required to deliver clinical care to affected patients should have the necessary skills and knowledge, including infection prevention and control measures needed to work in such environments. 

If you are a healthcare student in a work placement and have any concerns about your ability to provide care to patients affected by COVID-19, please speak with your practice supervisor / practice educator / clinical educator or the HSC College Student Centre placements team via email: 

Currently, shielding is paused and with full infection control measures in place during placement this should minimise any risk to those you live with. Please follow the government guidelines     

 If the vulnerable person continues to self-isolate, there is specific guidance for others whom they live with

Ask your practice supervisor / practice educator / clinical educator if the work placement has also issued any additional guidance you can follow too.  

You will be offered individual support and advice around academic and practice learning support, as necessary.  

Under the current guidance available at if you come into contact with someone with the virus, you may be asked to self-isolate. It is important that you report this to the University using both the online form and the placement absences process:   

Email: – for all programmes across HSC.  

Tel:        01332 592099 

You will be offered individual support and advice around academic and practice learning support, as necessary.  

Please notify your work placement as soon as possible. Please report the absence to the HSC College student Centre. 

Email: – for all programmes across HSC.  

Tel:        01332 592099 

It is important that you stipulate the reason for your absence. 

No, this alone will not result in a failed placement. The University will endeavour to find an alternative placement if at all possible. Where this is not possible, your programme leader will contact you regarding arrangements for making up hours and meeting your standards/ competencies as quickly as they can. 

We are aware that one of the issues that will cause greatest anxiety, particularly among final year students, is how the COVID-19 outbreak may impact on their ability to undertake the required practice hours. However, please be reassured that we will be taking a supportive approach to enable the accumulation of practice hours in these circumstances.

If you find yourself with deficit of practice hours, your programme leader will support you on an individual basis to achieve the requirements. 

  • If you have reported that you are sick, this will be recorded as sickness absence 
  • If you are self-isolating but are well, this will be recorded as authorised absence 
  • If you are well but have to stay at home for childcare/caring responsibilities, this will be recorded as authorised absence.  

All students who may be required to deliver clinical care to affected patients must be provided with training and information on any additional infection prevention and control measures needed to work in such environments by the work placement organisation.

This will include the safe donning and removal of personal protective equipment (PPE). Any special protective equipment personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided by the work placement organisation.

If you are unsure of the local guidance, or have any concerns, please speak with your practice supervisor / clinical educator / practice educator. 

As an apprentice you need to meet the requirements of your apprenticeship as well as those set by the University and your employer. We recognise that during this time you may need to be redeployed or you may not be able to participate in your apprenticeship in the same way as normal.

You can achieve your 20% off-the-job learning throughout your programme, and government guidance has been that apprenticeships should continue where possible. Therefore, it will be appropriate to take a flexible approach to practice and theory elements of your programme.

If you are not able to continue your apprenticeship at the current time you are able to take a break in learning.

Where these arrangements have been in place, due to current government guidance on non-essential staff entering the workplace, academic staff are unable to visit placement. Personal academic tutors will continue to support you virtually via phone/ Skype / email

Please contact them with any placement support you may need, except for reporting sickness and absence, which should be reported to the HSC College student centre placements team using these details: 

Email: – for all programmes across HSC.  

Tel:        01332 592099 

The advice from Public Health England must be followed.

Please ensure that you email the HSC College Student Centre placements team, to inform them you will be returning to your placement.  

Email : 

Tel:        01332 592099 

You should also contact the placement when you are recovered, to advise them of your planned return. You must also ensure that you check this website and your university emails to familiarise yourself on any relevant updates 

We understand that you may have some anxieties if you have a placement in a healthcare setting and you are pregnant. We would recommend that any student who is pregnant and feels vulnerable should remove themselves from placement. Please report this absence using the sickness and absence process.   

Email : – all programmes across HSC.  

Tel:        01332 592099 

Current information from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists states:  

  • Pregnant women of any gestation are at no more risk of contracting the virus than any other non-pregnant person who is in similar health  
  • For those women who are 28 weeks pregnant and beyond, there is an increased risk of becoming severely ill should you contract COVID-19 (this is true of any viral illness contracted, such as flu).  

For pregnant women from 28 weeks’ gestation, or with underlying health conditions such as heart or lung disease at any gestation, a more precautionary approach is advised. Women in this category are recommended to stay at home. You should therefore remove yourself from placement and report the absence using the process above. Please notify your placement lead when you learn of your pregnancy if this will impact on a future planned placement. 

For more specific information regarding your particular programme and cohort, please check the University emails sent to you and the programme announcements on Blackboard. 

Last updated: Thursday 8 October 2020 16:25:13