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As a part of their degree, second-year English and History students took part in an Annual Public Conference which was centred on the theme Rivers, Lakes and Seas. 

Students at the University of Derby looking at notebook on table

Advice from the University of Derby's Secretary and Registrar ahead of Results Day 2023. 

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Wonder what a typical routine looks like for someone who never steps foot on campus? Najma is one of our fully-online postgraduate research students and shares what she gets up to.

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Professor Stephen Wordsworth, Deputy Dean for the College of Health, Psychology and Social Care, explains why a March start could make all the difference to your nursing career.

a nurse wearing blue gloves writes on a form on a clipboard as an adult patient lies in a hospital bed

Many things can define your time during the journey to becoming a qualified nurse. Perhaps most defining are your placements. Final-year student Kieron Powis gives his personal insight into how his placements have shaped his learning.

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Second-year student Conor Perrott was unsure if he would come to university. Here, he explains the steps involved in applying, and the highs he's experienced since arriving.

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Charlotte Howes shares the moment she first decided to apply to university and what happened next.

Two parents using a map at an Open Day

Your child deciding if and where to go to university can be a tense time for parents too. Having a plan makes a big difference. Here's Heather's tips on how to get the most out of attending an open day. 

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Alex Balcon wants to provoke an inner fire within you. He had always believed a career in nursing to be nothing but a fantasy. Now he's a Stage Two Mental Health Nursing student. And he's ready to tell you his secret.

Midwifery student Kayty Richards in her uniform cradling an artificial baby in her arms

Midwifery student Kayty Richards is President of our new Midwifery Society, Midwifery Rocks. She is passionate about caring and advocating for women, the power of kindness, and peer support.