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A blackboard with various math related content drawn on it in chalk

With many parents and carers faced with the challenge of teaching their children maths during the current lockdown, Dr Tom Hunt, Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Derby, discusses top tips for parents on how to ensure they are supporting their children’s maths learning without the stress.

Wooden board game with counters and a dice

As we enter an extended period of lockdown many of us are looking for ways to entertain ourselves and our families at home. Dr Ian Turner, Professor at the University of Derby, explores the benefits of boardgames and provides 10 top tips for making your own.  

Two excited children using a laptop

With many people taking to home schooling their children for the first time at the moment, Dr Ian Turner, Professor at the University of Derby, shares his top online learning resources for children.

A small child doing their homework on a desk at home

Dr Sarah Charles explores how difficult and stressful it can be to structure and resource home schooling whilst trying to juggle working from home.

A mother home schooling her child with a laptop

Dr Sarah Charles, Head of the University of Derby's Institute of Education, offers advice to help parents and carers with home schooling during school closures prompted by the coronavirus outbreak.

A young woman speaking passionately at a conference

Inter-Professional Learning (IPL) co-lead Tim Howell, Senior Lecturer in Youth Work, gives an insight of what the IPL can give to our students.

People sat in chairs

Paula Shaw talks us through the EDUCAUSE Education Learning Initiative (ELI) Conference and why Horizon Scanning is important.

A popup book with a pirate, treasure, and ship.

Rebecca Petronzi, English Lead for Primary Initial Teacher Education at the University of Derby, talks about World Book Day and explores the value behind the costumes and commercialisation.

A pupil in a classroom environment looking into the foreground

Professor Frances Maratos discusses whether in terms of the health and well-being of our pupils and teachers, the UK education system is arguably nearing breaking point, after recent reports reveal that up to 54% of teachers state their job ‘often’ or ‘always’ impacts negatively on their mental and/or physical health.

A smiling male in a grey sweater student talking to others around a table

Student Ioannis-Thomas Dimakopoulos explains how his personal academic tutor has played a vital role in his University of Derby experience.