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Alex Baugh, Schools and Colleges Liaison Assistant, discusses why going to university is good for your career and why it's a good investment.

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Masters student Jill Baker takes us through her approach to flexible study and how it is helping her to achieve her postgraduate degree.

Senior Schools and Colleges Liaison Assistant Amy Fairbrother gives us tips on how teachers should write reference for students applying through UCAS.

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Dan West, Policy and Research Lead at the University of Derby, discusses why equality and social mobility are crucial for universities.

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You may have heard about your tutors and the academic staff who support you, going to conferences to present and learn about the latest research and thinking. Perhaps you have been to a conference yourself? But if you have not, what are they? And why should you want to go?

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The University of Derby's Professor Keith McLay writes about Remembrance Day, leadership and the lessons from history.  

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Sian Burgess, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the University of Derby, discusses how PJ paralysis in long term patients can be tackled.

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To mark National Youth Work Week, Simon Williams, University of Derby Senior Lecturer in Social and Community Studies, talks about this rewarding role.

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Professor Malcolm Todd, Provost of the University of Derby, talks about the role higher education plays in promoting skills and employability.

Bowen Shang discusses her experience of transitioning to postgraduate study and shares advice for students thinking of progressing to postgraduate level.