Category: Education

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Paula Shaw talks us through the EDUCAUSE Education Learning Initiative (ELI) Conference and why Horizon Scanning is important.

A popup book with a pirate, treasure, and ship.

Rebecca Petronzi, English Lead for Primary Initial Teacher Education at the University of Derby, talks about World Book Day and explores the value behind the costumes and commercialisation.

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Professor Frances Maratos discusses whether in terms of the health and well-being of our pupils and teachers, the UK education system is arguably nearing breaking point, after recent reports reveal that up to 54% of teachers state their job ‘often’ or ‘always’ impacts negatively on their mental and/or physical health.

A smiling male in a grey sweater student talking to others around a table

Student Ioannis-Thomas Dimakopoulos explains how his personal academic tutor has played a vital role in his University of Derby experience.

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Dr Elizabeth Collier, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, explains what it means to be a mental health nurse ahead of Mental Health Nursing Day.

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Sarah Barley-McMullen, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at the University of Derby, shares what LGBT+ History Month means to her as an educator.

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As the Arts Council England’s new 10-year strategy is announced, Professor Keith McLay, Pro Vice-Chancellor Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Education, discusses the plan and how it seeks to foster further cultural engagement to local communities.

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Alistair Hodge, Head of School - Humanities & Journalism at the University of Derby, discusses the importance of 'the humanities' and the value of studying this field in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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With the promise of new investment from Government, Simon Williams discusses a potentially more positive future for Youth Work and young people.

Tamsin Bowers-Brown, Associate Professor at the University of Derby, discusses the importance of the University's second Student Attainment Project and it's approach to reducing attainment gaps between students.