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Professor Malcolm Todd explains how students and staff have worked together to enhance the academic experience of those who study at the University of Derby.

Sail art project, red flag

Dr Jenny Hallam, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, explains how a project encouraged children to appreciate the beauty and diversity of their local park through art.

Person fixing a mechanism.

Professor Malcolm Todd, of the University of Derby, writes about the importance of raising the profile of degree apprenticeships.

The Chancellor of the University of Derby Lord William Burlington gives his perspective on his role.

Compassion in the classroom - can it solve the teacher mental health crisis?

What can be done to improve recruitment and retention of school teachers? We look at work being done at the University of Derby to bring compassion to the classroom. 

Colleagues pass a folder of documents across a desk

Law student Barrie Archer is giving out free legal advice to the people of Derby as part of our Student Legal Advice Centre. Here, he explains why.


Professor Paul Weller discusses his new report into classroom challenges for teaching and addressing anti-Semitism.

Person writing on a notepad

Mature student Marek Fraczek explains that age is irrelevant when going to university - and also describes exactly what his American Studies course entails.

Professor Malcolm Todd, Provost (Academic) at the University of Derby, explains the importance of closing the skills and productivity gap and the role of universities in helping to address the issue.

Student in London by red phone box

Michal Kral is from the Czech Republic and is a Digital Marketing student at the University of Derby. Here, he shares his experiences of studying abroad.