Category: Education

Student at a computer

Paula Shaw, Academic Manager at University of Derby Online Learning, explores how a 'virtual campus' can provide a rich student learning experience.

Child at a park

Sharon Bell, Head of Discipline: Education, Childhood and Inclusion, discusses the new level of recognition introduced for Early Childhood Studies degrees.

Person eating McDonalds fries

Are modern universities at risk of becoming 'McDonaldized'? Dennis Hayes, Professor of Education at the University of Derby, discusses the implications.

With the release of the National Student Survey results, Professor Malcolm Todd, Provost (Academic) at the University of Derby, discusses student feedback.

Glasses overlooking paper

Cecilia Terral explains where her postgraduate degree has taken her and how it will help her to take on the world of business.

Children drawing with coloured crayons

To coincide with Children's Art Week (9-16 June), Jenny Hallam, psychology lecturer at the University of Derby, talks about how the arts can support children's development

Person standing in front of train

Dan West, Head of the Equality and Social Mobility Unit at the University of Derby, considers why more students are choosing to commute to university, the impact of this, and why higher education providers should take note.

A child drawing at a table.

Head of Childhood Studies at the University of Derby, looks at what the staffing crisis in nurseries means for the sector

Vocational or academic qualifications - what's the difference? Lynn Senior, Head of the Institute of Education at the University of Derby, explores.