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Classroom with a pot of pencils and pens and paper

Retrieving data. Wait for a few seconds, then try cutting or copying again.

Problem in math on a blackboard

Dave Benson, Mathematics Education Coordinator at the University of Derby, discusses the pros and cons of the Mastery of Mathematics scheme.

Books on a staircase

Dr Sarah Charles and Dr Alison Hardman at the University of Derby, discuss the role of a 'teacher' and reasons for sick leave within the profession.

Scrabble letters learn

Jane Lowe, Head of Apprenticeships at the University of Derby discusses what businesses still need to know about the apprenticeship levy almost a year on.

Black and white swirl for hypnosis

Yasuhiro Kotera, Academic Lead for Counselling at the University of Derby Online Learning discusses the history of hypnosis and how it works to help people. 

Christmas book

Revd Adam Dickens, Anglican Chaplain, discusses whether there is a traditional way of celebrating Christmas and where the tradition originated from.

Chairs in a classroom

Senior education lecturers Dr Sarah Charles and Dr Alison Hardman talk about teacher retention rates and why quick fixes won't solve the problem.

Fine Art student painting

David McGravie, Head of the School of Arts at the University of Derby, explains why an arts education is important and how it can benefit students.

Teach on dice

Teaching is a rewarding profession. Follow our top tips on the right training path to get your teaching career off to the best start.

People in hi vis in hard hats

Denise Baker, Head of Pre-Qualification Healthcare talks about apprenticeships and how they are seemingly becoming unpopular to employers and why.