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Where a postgraduate degree has taken me

Cecilia Terral explains where her postgraduate degree has taken her and how it will help her to take on the world of business.

By Cecilia Terral - 5 July 2018

I came to the University of Derby because I was looking for a graduate programme in the UK that would benefit me seeking employability around the world. There is usually a certain prestige associated with UK universities. I knew that I did not want to study in London because I wanted to experience a smaller city that is safer and less of a globalised hub but rather experience an English culture.

I liked the array of course modules that Derby had to offer. I chose to study MSc International Business and Finance as it contained the opportunity to study behavioural finance, Anti-money Laundering (AML) standards, Islamic Finance and many Economics based modules. My postgraduate modules included many other international students and I now have friends from all over the world that have further enriched my international network.

After I graduate I intend to start my own company in an emerging market in the EU for consulting, helping small local companies increase profits through marketing, financial strategy and be able to compete with the big players. I have also considered studying a PhD in order to go into Academia. But first, I wish to have some practical work experience as an entrepreneur. Although by nature I am oriented towards the non-profit and Government sector, I would like to have some experience in the business world.

My MSc has provided vocational training as an International professional; now feel much more confident in my opinions and have further developed my critical thinking. I feel empowered to do anything and I have learnt so much about myself since I joined the university. I am confident that my chosen study route within the UK has made me more employable. The Career Hub at Derby has supported me to write a strong CV. I have had received many career opportunities through this support service that enables me to stay in the UK and utilise my degree and postgraduate skills. Islamic Finance is a sector I am interested in and is going to be a big selling point that will distinguish MSc International Business and Finance graduates.

I have also developed skills through my involvement in societies; The Derby Worldwide Society and the Economics, Trading, and Investment Society. I was and currently am treasurer of the DWWS that has exposed me to even more international students, making new friends, and gaining more practical experience handling budgets and working closely with the Union of Students.

I highly recommend this course! Prepare to be challenged. Prepare to change. This course will teach you about yourself and the world. You will be eager and ready to start your professional career.

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Cecilia Terral
Postgraduate student

A postgraduate student who has studied MSc International Business and Finance, Cecilia plans to take on the world of business.