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Child reading a book

For World Book Day, Creative Writing and Publishing academics from the University of Derby share their memories of books from their childhood, or which remind them of being children.

Christmas mug and open book on a table. Multicoloured Christmas tree lights blur in the background.

New books are always a popular gift at Christmas, and with reports suggesting that lockdown has prompted a resurgence in reading, the University of Derby's Creative Writing and Publishing academics discuss some of the stand-out books they have enjoyed this year.

A new mother holder her baby wrapped up in white blankets

Dr Susan Hogan, Professor of Arts and Health at the University of Derby, examines how art-making can provide a means for women to express and understand their changed sense of self-identity and sexuality as a result of pregnancy and motherhood.

A female sitting down reading a book

The English, Creative Writing and Publishing academic team at the University of Derby have put together some of their suggestions to take your reading in a new direction.

Wooden blocks with letters on spelling out SUPPORT

Brendan Moffett, Director of the University of Derby's Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism, discusses what measures are being made available and what new initiatives are being adopted to support the sector through the Covid-19 crisis.

An indoor concert from within the crowd with spotlights.

Jon Burton, Lecturer in Sound, Light and Live Event Technology at the University of Derby, looks back on how audio and lighting has developed over the years and the technological advancements that have helped to drive change in this area.

Benjamin Thomas, Lecturer in Computer Games Modelling and Animation at the University of Derby, assesses what experience Google's new streaming service for gamers, Stadia, might offer for the hardcore and casual players.

Golf club and ball

Dr Sarah Rawlinson, former Head of Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism at the University of Derby, investigates the new competitive socialising trend which could explain the changes in the ways in which we socialise.

Wayne Walker-Allen, Darcy Benham and Jake Bradnock of WinterWalker Theatre Company (Picture: Mark Savage)

Dr Jenny Hallam and Dr Kay Owen of the University of Derby examine the impact of performance, dance and storytelling on child development.

Paints and colours

David McGravie, Head of the School of Arts/Deputy Dean College of Arts, Humanities and Education at the University of Derby, reflects on the diversity international students bring to the UK and the challenges they face.