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Snowy picture with a house

Lisa Wakefield, Lecturer in Tourism and Spa, looks at the pros and cons of staying at home or going on vacation during the Christmas holidays.

Kanya King smiling

Kelly Tyler speaks to MOBO founder Kanya King MBE about her pursuit to drive urban music from the margins to the heart of mainstream culture.

Scrabble tiles spelling fake news

Alex Canner, Lecturer in Journalism, talks about how Twitter plays an important role in sharing the news and how it can be manipulated to spread fake news.

Blurred colourful lights

Dr Charles Hancock talks about talks about the pinnacle and golden benchmark for Christmas adverts being John Lewis including how this years' ad compares.

A person using  a phone and computer

Dr Matthew Hall, Associate Academic at University of Derby Online Learning, discusses whether the offence of revenge pornography can ever be tackled.

cinema seating rustic cinema

Russell Cherrington, Senior Lecturer in Film Production, discusses the different sub-genres within horror films and what he loves about them.

A halloween picture with candles and pumpkins

Thomas Neuhaus, discusses the history of Halloween and where traditions originated from and how it has developed over the years.

Clown in black and white

Professor Frances Maratos, Reader in Emotion Science at the University of Derby, explains the psychology behind why people are afraid of clowns.

Cakes food and wine

Ewen Crilley, Hospitality Operations Trainer at the University of Derby, gives his simple guide to wine and food pairing to help you get the perfect match.

A crowd at YNot festival

Ben Sams, Lecturer in Media Technology at the University of Derby, gives the key ingredients to running a successful UK music festival.