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How my postgraduate studies helped me to grow

Whether you’re looking to further your career or delve deeper into the subject you love, postgraduate study aims to stretch and challenge you to help you achieve your ambitions. MSc Marketing Management student and sports scholar Weronika Jedrak tells us about how postgraduate study has pushed her outside of her comfort zone and determined her career goals.

By Weronika Jedrak - 2 June 2020

New experiences

My entire postgraduate year was filled with new experiences that have changed me in many ways. I was challenged academically by my lecturers and I personally learnt how to deal with stressful situations. I was often pushed out of my comfort zone, to do things differently to what I used to but that’s how I became better. I experienced new things such as a Market Analysis module that was based on economics, I had never studied anything like this in my undergraduate degree.

This really stretched my way of thinking and when I received a distinction for this class, I started believing in myself more. This experience in particular showed me that learning is all about getting out of the comfort zone and trying things I haven’t tried before.

Looking to the future

My postgraduate course has given me a better understanding of where I want to be in my future career. My communication and critical thinking skills have improved, which has opened up many opportunities for me. Completing my masters degree also helped me to realise how much I enjoy academia, learning and self-development. I am now even considering a PhD in the near future.

My lecturers and my dissertation supervisor have contributed to my academic development and have always encouraged me to take my work one step further. Whenever I needed additional support with my assignments, I could always count on the contrastive critique that they provided. This has helped me to progress from being good to being excellent and this has really shaped me academically. On a personal level, the course has helped to improve my confidence. I’ve learned that everything is an experience in life, and I am not afraid to say yes to new opportunities that come my way.

The lecturers played an important part during my postgraduate degree. They not only encouraged me to do better but supported me throughout the year during difficult times. Writing a dissertation particularly was one of the biggest challenges for me but my supervisor was always there to guide me through it. She supported me mentally which was probably more important than ever in this overwhelming time.

Easy communication

All the other lecturers were very accessible and easy to communicate with too. As a sports scholar, there were times I had to miss some classes due to Volleyball matches, however, I never felt like I was falling behind with my academic work. I could always see my lecturers outside of the allocated time who would talk me through the class content or the assignments.

My postgraduate year has transformed my way of thinking in a positive direction which has contributed to my personal and professional growth. 

About the author

Weronika Jedrak
A graduate of the MSc in Marketing Management

I am a recent graduate of the MSc in Marketing Management and a former volleyball scholar. I am from Poland and have been an international student at the University of Derby for the past four years. I had previously studied BA (Hons) in Journalism before progressing into my postgraduate studies.