Our city video transcript

Calling all...

Adrenaline junkies...

[flash through of a mountain biker going downhill, #gettingagrip students rock climbing]

Serenity seekers...

[flash through of activities such as a couple in a garden in front of Chatsworth house, going live on social media, girl dropping her ice-cream, people wandering over a river, taking a selfie in the water, people having a picnic in Markeaton Park, Derby, students clinking drinks #cheers #sunshine #parklife, students drinking coffee, students walking through derby city, a box of doughnuts with lots of different images of doughnuts]

Sport fanatics

[flash through of images of footballers on the pitch celebrating, crowds cheering, the velodrome in derby, someone in the velodrome putting a helmet on, canoeing on the river #dayontheriver, someone on a skateboard, Bustler street food market with a variety of different foods]

Culture lovers

[student playing football with a football table, selfie of students holding food, flash through of student in front of various paintings in Derby museum and art gallery]

Gig goers

[flash through of images of a person on the guitar, bear restaurant, people eating and drinking]

Night owls

[flash through of images of a DJ, people dancing, drinks on a bar, people with various drinks, paint dust festival, people throwing different colours in the air, people in the park, derby fest, someone with a skateboard with a love heart emoji and flash through of images shown before]

[end with Derby logo]

Our city video

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