Private accommoda­tion

If you are a University of Derby student looking for private accommodation, we recommend that you rent a property that is let by an accredited landlord.

The University of Derby operates an accredited private landlord scheme in conjunction with housing organisation DASH Services and we only advertise properties that belong to this scheme. You can use our accommodation search to find accredited properties.

Finding an accredited landlord

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Accreditation provides students with the reassurance that a landlord and his/her property has met the University's agreed minimum standard for private rented accommodation. Landlords who complete our accreditation show a commitment to providing good quality accommodation.

DASH (Decent And Safe Homes) Landlord Accreditation is an award winning accreditation scheme that encourages and rewards good property standards and management practice in the private rented sector. As DASH's vision says:

We want everyone to have the opportunity to live in a safe, warm, secure, stable, good quality affordable home environment and to have a choice about where they live.

Choosing one of these landlords will give you peace of mind on the quality of accommodation you have chosen. In addition, the university will support you if any problems arise. Therefore with DASH, you can be sure of:

  • peace of mind
  • good quality accommodation
  • a well managed landlord service
  • a decent and safe home
  • assistance if you run into any problems

Use our accommodation search to find information about properties let by landlords in this scheme.

  • Make sure the landlord is accredited with DASH
  • Don't feel pressured to find next year's accommodation in too much of a rush. Deciding who you want to live with is just as crucial, so think things through before you commit
  • Remember you will need a budget for utilities eg, gas, electricity and water unless your tenancy agreement states that these are included
  • Check the property has adequate security, ie window and door locks, and also that sufficient fire precautions have been considered
  • Complete an inventory before you move in and and keep your own copy so you know exactly what has been provided and what condition it's in. This may be useful if there are any disputes
  • Check that you understand all of your contract BEFORE you sign it. Read it thoroughly and only sign it when you are sure you are happy with it. The contract is legally binding and the landlord is under no obligation to release you from the tenancy if you change your mind or withdraw from university. You will remain liable for the rent, even if you never move in
  • Confirm that your housemates are committed to moving in before you sign the contract, otherwise you may be liable to pay their rent if they drop out. Again, check the wording of your contract very carefully to see if this is the case
  • Don't forget that if all residents within a dwelling are full time students, you should be exempt from paying Council Tax
  • Make sure your deposit is protected. Landlords are now legally required to protect your deposit in a deposit protection scheme and they must notify you where your deposit is protected. If your landlord/agent does not mention this, make sure you ask
bedroom in a private house
Promote your property through the DASH scheme

Landlords: the benefits of joining the scheme

Joining the DASH accreditation scheme will give you an advantage in an increasingly competitive market place:

How to get accredited

Landlords find out more about how to apply, how much it costs and how it works.

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Fees are based on the number of properties a landlord owns.

  • For one to five properties the cost is £150
  • For six to 11 properties the cost is £300
  • For 12 to 20 properties the cost is £600
  • For 20-plus properties, a price will be determined on application

The usual subscription period runs from 1 August to 31 July of the following year and the full annual fee is payable regardless of the time of year a landlord renews or registers.

  • A percentage of all properties rented under the DASH Accreditation Service are inspected to ensure they offer a satisfactory level of health and safety and assistance is offered, where necessary, to address any issues found.  In addition you will be required to complete information online with DASH
  • Accreditation offers the private rented sector a means of self regulation, that is to say DASH accreditation is not an enforcement body
  • Once your property/ies are registered, you will be required to upload information about them, including relevant safety certificates on to the private housing website

Three easy steps:

  1. To join the scheme simply pay the fee online
  2. Then apply to be a member on the DASH website. You'll be asked to agree to the DASH terms and conditions, so please read them carefully before you agree. 
  3. Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, you can advertise your property on our accommodation search pages.

If you require more information about our accreditation scheme, call the team on +44 (0)1332 594111.