Our student code of conduct

  1. This code of conduct and the related disciplinary procedure and anti-social behaviour policy are intended to provide fair procedures for maintaining reasonable behaviour by students while they are living in Student Living halls of residence.
  2. The University of Derby's Student Code of Conduct makes clear that students are expected to behave in accordance with the University's rules and regulations, in particular in respect of residences, health and safety and equal opportunities. In addition students are expected to respect the needs of the halls community and the right of other students to live and study without undue disturbance.
  3. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they are aware of any such regulations or standards and to adhere to them. If there is cause for concern over a student behaving in an unacceptable way the student will be subject to the Student Living disciplinary procedure and/or in extreme cases and with the sanction of the Student Living disciplinary panel to the University of Derby disciplinary procedure.
  4. Any behaviour which infringes Student Living or University policies, rules or regulations, causes distress to individuals, or disruption or disturbance to the living environment is unacceptable, and may be subject to disciplinary procedures.The Student Living residents' charter describes Student Living's commitment to its students and its expectations of students in return.
  5. The University's Student Charter describes the University's commitment to its students and its expectations of students in return.
  6. If a student feels s/he is a victim of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviours/he has the right to use the Student Living complaints and/or grievance procedures.
  7. In any situation the University and Student Living expect that:
    • students behave with good sense, behave with consideration towards others and respect their differences and take care in the use of the Student Living facilities or services
    • students will not interfere with the normal working of Student Living and the University or any of its facilities or services nor bring Student Living or the University into disrepute by any of their actions.

The Disciplinary Procedure

There is a comprehensive Disciplinary Procedure for those who do not follow the Student Code of Conduct and other guidelines. Please refer to the halls section of UDo for more information.