Fire Safety

All University halls treat the health, safety and security of students, staff and visitors with the upmost importance. Our halls are managed by Derbyshire Student Residences Limited, known as Student Living.

We always install, maintain and operate suitable safety systems in our buildings to meet and often exceed the minimum legal requirements. Such measures taken include:

The fire alarm

If you hear the fire alarm, leave the building immediately and don't go back in until a member of staff tells you it's safe. We test our fire alarms every week. There's a notice in your halls that tells you the day we test them. You don't have to evacuate the building during testing unless the alarm sounds for more than ten seconds.

Fire safety regulations

If you don't follow our fire safety regulations, you'll be fined. Fines start at £25 and double for each offence afterwards. We may also take further disciplinary action against you and you may have to leave your halls.