fire safety while living in student halls video transcript

Fire Safety

"I'm going to take you through the fire safety rules we have on all of our halls. It's important that you know these rules and stick to them. Student Living has robust policies and procedures for dealing with fire safety. If you break any of these rules we're about to go through, you may face disciplinary action. We've put these rules in place to protect you and everyone around you. They exist simply because fire kills."

We see a fire safety box, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, a mobile phone, fire blanket and fire signs.
"All of our halls have automated fire alarm systems that are monitored 24 hours a day. There's fire extinguishers, fire blankets and other fire fighting equipment in place to ensure your safety. You must never ever tamper with any of the fire safety equipment."
A wall-mounted fire alarm where you break the glass to set the alarm off is displayed, Alex goes over to a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall.

"The only time you should press this is when you've discovered a fire. Don't play with extinguishers or fire blankets. One day a member of staff may need to use it to put out a small fire or help you escape the building."
The video hows a smoke detector with a blue rubber glove over it and then a hand pulling it off. 

"You should never cover fire detectors; they are our first line of defence against fire."

We see a person's feet near an open door and someone taking a doorstop from under the door and closing the door. 

"Please don't prop fire doors open. They are there for a reason, keep them shut."

The screen pans around the flat corridor and stops at a room door with the room number on it.

"You may know how to get to your room blindfolded, but the firefighters don't. Please keep your room number clear."
We see a door with a hook holder on the back. 
"Please don't use over-door coat hooks. They interfere with the fire seals on the door."
Alex closes the kitchen door, then we see a shot of an extractor fan, Alex opens a kitchen window, and switches a cooker off. 

"When you're cooking make sure you close the fire door, turn on the extractor fan, and open a window. Don't leave food unattended. Remove food and switch the cooker off before leaving the kitchen."
A kettle sits on a desk in a bedroom before Alex removes it. 

"Kitchen equipment must not be used in bedrooms as they may set the fire alarms off." This includes a kettle, toasters, rice cookers and anything else that produces smoke or steam.
The screen shows a no smoking sign.

"Smoking isn't permitted anywhere inside the building, including bedrooms. This is also the case for e-cigarettes."

We see an outside smoking shelter and a hand stubbing out a cigarette in the shelter's ashtray.

"Please use the designated smoking shelter and the bins provided." 

We see a picture of a spray deodorant on a sink in a halls en suite room.
"You can accidentally set the alarms off through the overuse of aerosols and hairsprays."

The screen shows a shower followed by the shower room door shutting.

"Make sure you close the shower door as the steam can activate the alarms."

Banned items in our hall

"There are many ordinary items that present a real fire risk, and as such certain items are banned in our halls. These include but are not limited to:

  • chip pans or saucepans containing large quantities of oil
  • deep fat fryers
  • any form of flame such as:
  • candles
  • oil burners
  • incense sticks
  • electric diffusers
  • socket cube adaptors
We see a fire safety poster with the day that the fire alarm is tested displayed. 
"We test our fire alarms weekly across all of our halls and you will find posters displaying the day they are tested on your hall. When the alarms are tested, you will hear the alarms for a few seconds."

Our most important rule

And finally, I want to tell you our most important rule; If the fire alarm sounds, get out, stay out. If you have any questions about fire safety in your hall please speak with your Hall Manager."

Fire safety while living in student halls video

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