Placements, exchanges and term one contracts

If you have a room in halls and want to go on a placement or exchange, feel free to contact us to discuss your case.

Please note that we can't offer contracts that suit the individual needs of each student. We have standard contracts available and they are legally binding.

Derby students can contact us or even pop into the Student Housing Centre at 67 Bridge Street, DE1 3LB.  We can be found above Dubrek Studios. 


To keep costs down, many placement students find a suitable student to live in their room in their absence. If you would like to do this, Student Living may be able to assist but are not responsible for finding a suitable replacement. Remember, if you have signed a contract that lasts the whole of the academic year, you are legally bound to pay for the whole year.


If you are a Derby student who has decided to go on an ERASMUS or other exchange programme, please contact us to discuss what we can offer. If you are an international student coming to Derby, we will contact you once you have applied and paid the advanced booking payment.

Only here for term one?

If you are going to complete your studies at the end of term one, we will need supporting evidence to confirm the scheduled date of completion of your studies, prior to us making you a suitable accommodation offer.