College of Science and Engineering staff

Dr Michael Sweet out on a field trip
Professor in Molecular Ecology

Michael is an Associate Professor in Aquatic Biology. In addition to his teaching and research supervision responsibilities at the University, he is the manager of the Aquatic Research Facility, which was funded through his partnership with SeaLife. He has won numerous awards, including the Charles Darwin Award lecture from the British Science Association.

Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering

Dr Isa Emami Tabrizi is a lecturer in manufacturing engineering.

Lecturer in Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science

Nicola is a Lecturer in Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science.

John giving a presentation. A slide behind him refers to Kotter's 8 step Change Model
Senior Lecturer

John is a Senior Lecturer with the College of Science and Engineering.

Staff member Timothy Lee
Lecturer in Forensic Science

As a Lecturer in Forensic Science, Timothy teaches across different modules in the Forensic Science programmes. Timothy has a research background in the area of latent fingermark detection and enhancement and is interested in the interpretation and evaluation of evidence in various disciplines.

Staff member Tolulope Abejide in the lab
Lecturer in Forensic Science (CSI with Digital Forensics)

Tolulope is a lecturer in Forensic Science, who has a strong interest in both teaching and research.

Eleni Tracada
Lecturer in Architecture

Lecturer in Architecture.

Head of Human Sciences Research Centre, Professor of Human Physiology

Professor Gyan Tripathi is the Head of the Human Science Research Centre. He graduated with MSc in Biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India (1993) and completed his PhD in Biotechnology.

Marcela Usmari Moraes performing maintenance of the mass spectrometry in the OMICs laboratory
Senior Research Technician in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Metabolomics

As a Research Technician, Marcela supports postgraduate students and academics across the College of Science and Engineering on implementing and advancing their research. She also currently works on her own project focusing on understanding metabolic dysregulation and Alzheimer's disease. 

Square image of Stefano Valvano
Associate Professor in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Dr Stefano Valvano is an Associate Professor in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, in the School of Engineering, at the College of Science and Engineering. His research interests include Composite materials for Aerospace, Mechanical and Industrial applications and advanced Numerical methods for the analysis of complex structures and systems.