College of Science and Engineering staff

Alexandra wearing a cardigan, clutching hands together
Postgraduate Research Student

Alexandra is a first-year postgraduate research student researching fundamental movement skills, physical activity, and balance during early childhood. 

Samantha Drake
Senior Lecturer in Forensic Chemistry

Based in the discipline of Biomedical and Forensic Science, Samantha teaches chemistry across most programmes within the College of Life and Natural Sciences.  A passionate educator, Samantha is the Learning and Teaching Lead for the discipline.  Her scientific research focuses on the application of analytical chemistry to real world challenges.


Mark is jointly responsible for the management and leadership of the Science and Engineering Year Zero.

Dr David Elliott sampling soil in central Australia
Associate Professor in Microbiology

Dr. David Elliott is a microbial ecologist specialising in the roles of microbes in low productivity soils including drylands and the cryosphere. He leads the BSc (hons) Biology programme and teaches a variety of topics in Human and Environmental Sciences.

Lecturer of Economic Geology

Dr Holly Elliott is an Economic Geologist at the University of Derby. Recently, she has been involved in research relating to the formation of rare earth element deposits associated with carbonatite magmatic systems.

Postgraduate Research Student

Mohammed is a postgraduate research student at the University of Derby. His thesis title is efficiency of bacterial self-healing concrete inculcated ground condition.

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Mark is a Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology in the School of Human Sciences and active researcher in the Human Science Research Centre.

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Mike is a lecture in civil engineering and assistant programme leader for the civil engineering degree apprenticeship programme.

Enrico sitting at a desk using a laptop and a desktop.
Postgraduate Research Student

Enrico is a PhD student at the University of Derby and his research topics are urban informatics, smart cities, and Internet of Things technologies. 

Senior Lecturer in Geography and Co-Director of CLEM

Howard is a Senior Lecturer in Geography and Co-Director of CLEM.