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Dr Ana Flavia Belchior de Andrade

Lecturer in Forensic Science

Ana Flavia Belchior de Andrade using a microscope


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I am a Lecture in Crime Scene Investigation who is passionate about teaching and research. I am a Biologist, with a Master's degree and PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a former Forensic Expert. I have developed research in forensic biology, analytical and forensic chemistry and crime scene investigation for more than ten years.

Teaching responsibilities

I am responsible for two key modules in our Forensics Science Programs: Introduction to Forensic Science which introduce students to fundamental concepts, techniques and processes used in forensic science; and Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation which expend those concepts and apply them into the examination, documentation and analysis of crime scenes and specialist examinations.

Research interests

My main research interest lays on the field of New Psychoactive Substances, especially in the development of new methodologies for the identification of those compounds.

I work in the development of novel sensors for drug identification, where I am particularly excited about the use of molecular imprinted polymers, chemiluminescence and aptamers.

Another field of interest is thermolabile compounds and how they can be correctly identified using both traditional techniques and new methodologies.

Membership of professional bodies

I am an active member of different scientific societies across the world. I am a Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, Associate Member of Brazilian Society of Forensic Science and Fellow of the Brazilian Academy of Forensic Science. I am also working toward my fellowship for the Higher Education Academy.


Recent conferences

70 American Academy of Forensic Sceince Annual Sientific Meeting (AAFS) 2018 - Electroanalytical identification of thermolabile substances via differential pulse voltammetry.

21 Triennial Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) 2017 - Electroanalytical identification of 25I-NBOH and 2C-I via differential pulse voltammetry: a rapid and sensitive screening method to avoid misidentification.

Asian Forensic Science Network Anual Meeting (AFSN) 2015 - The use of electrochemical detection for the screening of new psychoactive substances (NPS).

Experience in industry

In addition to my academic career, I also have management experience within industry. I was a manager in the Forensic Drug Laboratory in the Federal District Civil Police in Brazil where I also worked as a Forensic Expert in both areas, crime scene investigation and laboratory analysis.

Recent publications