College of Science and Engineering staff

Mohammed Aleskandarany in a library around books on book shelves.
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science

Mohammed Aleskandarany is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science.

Ali smiling in front of a book case
Associate Professor in Artificial Intelligence

Wajahat is an Associate Professor in Artificial Intelligence at Collee of Science and Engineering. His role is to enhance students’ skillset in software design and implementation. He is also part of a dynamic team in the Data Science Research Centre. His research interests include Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Reasoning, Data Analytics, Context Awareness, and Decision Support Systems.

Post Graduate Research student

Amirali is a Ph.D. student in the field of Mechanical Engineering at the University. 

Postgraduate Research Student and Associate Lecturer

Kirsty is a second-year PhD student researching intergenerational physical activity, especially the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren with an aim of increasing physical activity levels in these populations. 

Photo of Dr Asad Abdi, Lecturer in Computer Science
Lecturer in Computer Science

Asad Abdi is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) of Computer Science at the University of Derby. Passionate about artificial intelligence and natural-language programming, he contributes to the Data Science Research Centre in the areas of data science and artificial languages.

Ruth smiling wearing a green shirt
Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

As a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology, Dr Ashton teaches on physiology and health-related modules at all levels within the department of Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Sciences. Her research interests surround promoting exercise as part of the treatment pathways of various health disorders such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Technical Advisor - Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

Sam Avlonitis is the technical advisor for Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials in the College of Science and Engineering. Providing technical and laboratory support for students, lecturers and researchers

A head shot of Ovidiu Bagdasar
Professor of Mathematics

Dr Ovidiu Bagdasar is the Erasmus Coordinator for Mathematics and Computing. His research in Discrete Mathematics, Optimisation, and Maths Anxiety has been disseminated in numerous international journals and conferences. Ovidiu also works with colleagues and technology companies to improve standards in mathematics education within the University, and beyond.

Adam Baker in the Team Derby kit
Senior Lecturer in Sport

Adam is a Chartered Physiotherapist with particular interests in Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation. During his time at Derby University, he has been involved in the design, development and validation of a number of degree programmes (both undergraduate and postgraduate).

Lecturer in Environmental Sciences

Lecturer in Environmental Science. Her research focuses on eDNA in freshwater and marine environments. Currently involved in teaching master students.