research student

Kirsty Armstrong-Booth

Postgraduate Research Student and Associate Lecturer


College of Science and Engineering

Research centre

Human Sciences Research Centre



To examine the nature of intergenerational physical activity to assess the contribution and current position in determining the value of an intergenerational family-based intervention to increase physical activity levels and improve healthy ageing across the lifespan.

To assess the effectiveness of existing physical activity interventions and explore the experiences of grandparents spending active leisure time with their grandchildren. Furthermore, to ascertain the current level, frequency, type and duration of physical activity in the older adult population and to determine the impact that the recent covid-19 pandemic may have had on this intergenerational relationship.

To use the COM-B Model (Abraham, Michie & West, 2013) to examine the capability, opportunity and motivation of intergenerational populations in determining if this model can predict behaviours in regard to physical activity.

Thesis title 

Using the COM-B Model to assess and evaluate the nature of Intergenerational Physical Activity Interventions and the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.


Teaching responsibilities

Associate lecturer for Level four students.