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I am a Professor in Clinical Exercise Science in the School of Sport and Exercise Science and an active researcher in the Biomedical and Clinical Exercise Science Research Theme. After completing an undergraduate (2011) and PhD programme (2015) at the University of Derby, I joined the teaching team as a tutor in exercise physiology at Loughborough University (2015) before returning to Derby on a lectureship in 2016.

My research focus is in the area of clinical exercise physiology and my current projects are on understanding recovery patterns in people with Long COVID. I am currently leading several international investigations to increase understanding and awareness of Long COVID, including clinical datasets and lived experience. Our aim with this research is to develop bespoke patient-centred pathways to restore the functional status and quality of life.

My research activities also see me serve as an executive board member for the World Health Network and an advisor for the leading Long COVID organisations charities (Long COVID Physio, Long COVID Kids, Long COVID Support and Long COVID SOS). I also serve as a core member of the Healthy Living for Pandemic Event Protection (HL-Pivot) international network and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) Public Advisory and External Affairs Committee, where we actively engage in parliamentary activity to shape and influence policy.

I am also accredited as a clinical exercise physiologist by the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) as an exercise scientist by BASES and continue to work with athletes from applied settings.

Teaching responsibilities

My current teaching responsibilities include the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects as well as making contributions to several undergraduate modules in the areas of exercise physiology, physical activity and health and applied sports practices. I also currently supervise ten PhD students who are related to several externally funded projects in the area of respiratory physiology and innovative technologies.

I have also used my experience and accreditation as a clinical exercise physiologist in the leadership and development of the new clinical exercise science MSc which I module lead and contribute in various areas. 

Professional interests

My main professional interests are centred mainly on understanding recovery and the impact reduced respiratory function has on patient quality of life, with a focus on developing bespoke approaches to improve patient outcomes.

Research interests

My research interests investigate the use of non-medicinal interventions to increase the capability of the respiratory system in all populations, my current research involves working closely with clinical groups nationally and internationally. At present, I am involved in multiple trials with different patient groups including COVID-19, Pneumonia and COPD.

Our COVID-19 work is supporting an increase in the understanding of COVID-19 symptomology and the impact this has upon patients in hospital and community settings. We are attempting to profile the determinants of recovery to inform the development of COVID-specific support pathways to increase patient outcomes and functional status.

My interest in COVID-19 work has led to engaging in several parliamentary exercises, including establishing the COVID-19 areas of research interest (2020), multiple submissions to parliamentary select committees and inclusion in the House of Lords National Plan for Sport and Recreation Report (2021).

I am also a research sub-theme lead for the area of Respiratory Diseases/Physiology where I coordinate a team of research-active staff in the delivery of numerous projects aligned to the biomedical sciences.

Membership of professional bodies


  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, University of Derby
  • PhD in Respiratory Physiology, University of Derby
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2016-Present)

Recent conferences

Invited Talks and Presentations

  • Rehabilitation Science Research Network for COVID - International Forum on COVID Rehabilitation Research. Toronto Canada, April 2024
  • Research in Long COVID, then, now and tomorrow, Long COVID Support Annual General Meeting. November 2023
  • Long COVID International Conference – Keynote speech – November 2023
  • Recognising and Supporting Long COVID, the research and applied clinical experience (2023), NHS England In Service Training Network. July 2023
  • Long COVID – the role of exercise physiology in understanding and addressing changes in functional status and quality of life. Clinical Exercise Physiology Association. Keynote Speaker. February 2023
  • Working and Researching in Long COVID, the role of the patient and the lived experience, GILEAD International Science Meeting. Keynote Speech, Barcelona, Spain. November 2022
  • The Role of Inspiratory Muscle Training in Long COVID and Acute Respiratory Infection. Japanese Council of Respiratory Muscle Training. September 2022 – Online
  • COVID-19 and Long COVID Research: Trying to understand the challenge. BIOREME Sandpit event on Long COVID, University of Nottingham. September 2022
  • Research in Long COVID, Panel Discussion. Long COVID Physio International Forum, September 2022
  • The need for bespoke long COVID support pathways to address long-term symptomology and morbidity. Invited Speaker. Centre for Human & Applied Physiological Sciences, Kings College London. May 2022

Recent conference proceedings

  • Thomas, CT., Faghy, MA., Chidley, C., Phillips, BE., Bewick, T., Ashton, REM., (2023)., Blood Biomarkers of Long COVID: A Systematic Review., Demystifying Long COVID Conference, Madrid, Spain, poster presentation
  • White, M., Abel, M., Decker., M., Faghy, MA., (2023)., Impact of Combat Equipment on Respiratory Muscle Power during Load Carriage Performance., International Congress On Soldiers' Physical Performance., London (UK), poster presentation
  • Dobell, A., Pringle, A., Faghy, MA., Roscoe, CMP., (2023)., The effect of deprivation on young children physical activity levels, a mixed methods perspective., Society for Social Medicine and Population Health Conf. September 2023
  • Faghy, MA., Owen, R., Ashton, REM., (2022). Reduced respiratory muscle strength, lung function, and functional status and symptomology in patients referred to Long COVID clinics, an observational cohort analysis. British Thoracic Society. London, UK, December 2022
  • Faghy, MA., Owen, R., Ashton, REM., (2022)., A long road to recovery? Reduced quality of life, impaired functional status, and the lived experience of Long COVID patients, a cohort analysis. European Respiratory Society. Barcelona, Spain. September 2022
  • Adams, N. T., Bates, L. C., Conners, R., Zieff, G., Edgar, K. M., Stevens, S., Faghy, M. A., Arena, R., Vermeesch, A., Joseph, R. P., Keith, N., Martin Ginis, K. A., Stoner, L. A., (2022), Configurative review of physical activity and sedentary behaviour modifiers for people behavioural cord injury during COVID-19 and recommendations for promoting healthy behaviours. International Spinal behaviour Society Annual Scientific Meeting. Vancouver, Poster Presentation
  • Davis, N., Pringle, A., Kay, A, D., Blazevic h, A, J., Teskey, , Faghy, M, A.,  Mina, M., (2022)., Evaluation of the feasibility, psychosocial effects, influence, and perception of elastic band resistance balance training in older adults., European College of Sport Science. Oral Presentation Cologne. Germany
  • Owen, R., Ashton, R, E, M., Yates, J., Ferraro, F., Thomas, C., Idris, R., Faghy, M, A., (2022)., pre-COVID physical activity status does not protect against developing Long COVID symptoms., Physiological Society Long COVID: Mechanisms, Risk Factors, and Recovery. Flash Talk
  • Yates, J., Faghy, M, A., Owen, R., Thomas, C., Idris, R., Ferraro, F., Ashton n, R, E, M., (2022), Comparing the profiles of individuals hospitalised with COVID-19 with those referred to Long Covid services, Physiological Society Long COVID: Mechanisms, Risk Factors, and Recovery. Flash Talk
  • Toon, N., McMaster, S., Outram, T., Faghy, M, A., (2021)., Assessing the Validity of the Kinematic Knee Sleeve., International Conference on the Challenges, Opportunities, Innovations and Applications in Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles), Oral Presentation: Manchester, England

Experience in industry

I currently lead and have established a number of projects with industrial partners which includes being awarded funding for two projects via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for productivity through innovation awards with SoeHealth and Footfalls & Heartbeats. 

I also work with several UK and European partners on projects related to respiratory muscle training.

International experience

I have a strong international profile through my work with the Healthy Living for Pandemic Event Protection (HL-Pivot) network and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and membership of the Exercise is Medicine Committee. I also hold visiting researcher status at the University of Illinois Chicago, USA. 

These roles have led to international keynote presentations at national and international events.

Additional interests and activities

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