College of Science and Engineering staff

Maham wearing a blue top and black rimmed glasses.
Postgraduate Research Student

Maham is a passionate creative marketing postgraduate. Her research aims to identify the relationship between student satisfaction and graduate employability for built environment students.

Lecturer in Data Science

Jack Sutton is a Statistician and Data Scientist at the University of Derby with expertise in Bayesian methods, computational statistics, complex systems, and spatial-temporal modeling in a range of applications including scaling, health and crime.

Joshua Jackson
Lecturer in Computer Games Modelling and Animation

Dr Joshua Jackson is a lecturer in Computer Games Modelling and Animation.

Yagna wearing a beige jacket, smiling
Postgraduate Research Student

Yagna is a Postgraduate Research Student within the College of Science and Engineering. Her research looks at artificial intelligence, robotics technology and industrial automation.

Andrew wearing a backpack on top of a mountain, smiling and wearing a gold medal.
Visiting Research Fellow (formerly University Reader) in Sclerochronology

Andrew is a Visiting Research Fellow. 

Senior Lecturer in Motorsport engineering Dr. Tarek Jomaa talking to Sean Galvin during the open day in July 2018
Senior Lecturer in Motorsport Engineering

Dr Tarek Jomaa is a lecturer in Motorsport Engineering. 

Sokratis Karkalas writing code
Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering

Dr Sokratis Karkalas is a senior lecturer in software engineering and programme leader of the Aerospace Software Development Engineer Degree Apprenticeship program. His research centres on computer-supported education with particular focus on artificial intelligence. He teaches programming languages, databases and Internet technologies.

James Keenan in the University of Derby Performance Suite
Senior Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning

James delivers innovative teaching to provide a real-world learning experience. The design of his teaching is underpinned by his S&C experience working in industry, and his work with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association. He believes in translating theory to practice in an accessible way to allow students to develop skills to ready them for the workplace.

Ali standing with arms folded, smiling
Senior lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry/Toxicology

Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry and Toxicology, Dr Ali Kermanizadeh teaches and supports teams and individuals in the College of Science and Engineering. He is involved in teaching various courses across Biomedical Science and Forensic Science at the University of Derby.

Reader in intelligent instrumentation

Dr Ahmad Kharaz is a reader in intelligent instrumentation. Dr Kharaz has extensive experience over many years of undertaking precision measurements, in a wide variety of contexts.