College of Science and Engineering staff

Andrew wearing a backpack on top of a mountain, smiling and wearing a gold medal.
Visiting Research Fellow (formerly University Reader) in Sclerochronology

Andrew is a Visiting Research Fellow. 

Senior Lecturer in Motorsport engineering Dr. Tarek Jomaa talking to Sean Galvin during the open day in July 2018
Senior Lecturer in Motorsport Engineering

Dr Tarek Jomaa is a lecturer in Motorsport Engineering. 

James Keenan in the University of Derby Performance Suite
Senior Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning

James delivers innovative teaching to provide a real-world learning experience. The design of his teaching is underpinned by his S&C experience working in industry, and his work with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association. He believes in translating theory to practice in an accessible way to allow students to develop skills to ready them for the workplace.

Ali standing with arms folded, smiling
Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry/Toxicology

Lecturer in Clinical Biochemstry and Toxicology, Dr Ali Kermanizadeh teaches and supports teams and individuals in the College of Science and Engineering. He is involved in teaching various courses across Biomedical Science and Forensic Science at the University of Derby

Reader in intelligent instrumentation

Dr Ahmad Kharaz is a reader in intelligent instrumentation. Dr Kharaz has extensive experience over many years of undertaking precision measurements, in a wide variety of contexts.

Josh holding up a measuring tape, smiling.
Clinical Skills and Simulation Technician

Joshua is a Film Production alumnus turned Technical Advisor and award-winning filmmaker. His job includes supporting the Media Loan Hub, Radio Rooms, Editing Suites, TV Studio, Rehearsal Rooms, Recording Studios as well as supporting and leading teaching sessions.

Visiting Professor

Patrick is a visiting professor whose career includes achievements in a wide range of complex systems businesses, professional institutions and academia. 

Staff profile picture of Dr Nicholas Korpelainen wearing a waist coat
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

Nicholas Korpelainen is a Senior Tutor (Deputy Chair of Learning and Teaching) for Computing and Mathematics, and Programme Leader for the BSc Mathematics Scheme.

Interim Head of School, Built and Natural Environments

Peter is a Biomedical Engineer who has worked on the design, construction and application of advanced electronics to prosthetic limbs.

Research Student

Aimeric is a PhD student who enjoys algebra, statistics and mathematics in general, computer programming, and physics, in particular, cosmology, particle physics and astronomy.