College of Science and Engineering staff

Senior Lecturer in Geology

Roger is a Senior Lecturer in Geology.

Dr Michael Sweet out on a field trip
Associate Professor in Aquatic Biology

Michael is an Associate Professor in Aquatic Biology. In addition to his teaching and research supervision responsibilities at the University, he is the manager of the Aquatic Research Facility, which was funded through his partnership with SeaLife. He has won numerous awards, including the Charles Darwin Award lecture from the British Science Association.

Lecturer in Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science

Nicola is a Lecturer in Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science.

Senior Lecturer

John is a Senior Lecturer with the College of Science and Engineering.

Oliver Tomlinson in front of some vegetation
Senior Lecturer in Geography

Oliver is a Senior Lecturer in Geography.

Lecturer in Physical Geography

Toby is a Lecturer in Physical Geography.

Eleni Tracada
Lecturer in Architecture

Lecturer in Architecture.

Postgraduate Research Student

Danielle's research focuses on applying machine learning to aid particle identification (PID) within ALICE (A Large Ion Colliding Experiment), CERN. In particular, she is using graph learning to allow for more meaningful classifications of physics data. 

Karim Vahed observing a scaly cricket on a stone he's holding
Professor of Entomology

Karim is a Professor of Entomology and a Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences.

Senior Lecturer Product Design

Mike is Senior Lecturer in Product Design.