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Martin Sole

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering

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Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


College of Science and Engineering


School of Engineering


Markeaton Street, Derby Campus



I am a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering and Programme leader for Mechanical, Electrical, and motorsport Engineering. I am also studying for a PhD relating to teaching Mechanical Engineering Design. 

Industry methods of designing a product are constantly changing. These changes have never been as large since we entered the time period known as Industry 4.0. This is an industrial age which is based around digital technology and is very fast-moving. My thesis aims to research these modern methods and where applicable to apply them to the classroom. Many design processes which used to be done face-to-face will now be completed remotely. Individual work will be replaced with group work. New methods will be required to support students, especially full-time students who don’t have the benefit of working in a company and receiving their support.

My hobbies include flying light aircraft and maintaining aircraft at Newark Aircraft Museum.

Thesis title

How to Teach Mechanical Engineering Design using Industry Methods while still Assessing to University Criteria


Teaching responsibilities

Professional interests

I am interested in all things aerospace related.

Finding ways to help students apply the mechanical engineering theory to real-world projects 

Research interests

How to narrow the gap between the design process in the industry and that taught in universities and colleges

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Recent conferences

Modelling and Innovation in the Aerospace Industry

Experience in industry

30 years of experience in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors 

International experience

11 years as a service engineer travelling throughout Europe, Mexico, India, Russia

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