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Dr Graham Souch

Technical Team Leader for the School of Built and Natural Environment


College of Science and Engineering



As a Technical Team Leader, one of my main roles is to facilitate specialist support across the School of Built and Natural Environment and College of Science and Engineering. My experience of working in different subject areas includes Microbiology, Geology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Forensics, Zoology, and Engineering. My academic interests/research has principally involved Plant Biotechnology/Plant Genetic Resources and I am currently responsible for the running of the Electron Microscopy facility.

Teaching responsibilities

My teaching and instructing responsibilities include Genetics, Forensic Imaging, Advanced methods in Zoology, Electron Microscopy, and Surveying.

Research interests

I have carried out research in plant conservation, specifically cryopreservation, but I am interested in plant genetic resources and biotechnology for sustainable production. Other areas of research activity and support have incorporated the use of the Scanning Electron Microscope.


Recent conferences

Experience in industry

As well as working at University for over 25 years I have previously worked as a Blood Products Analyst and as an Analytical Chemist.

Additional interests and activities

I am a qualified Cricket and Hockey coach at junior level. 

Recent publications