Dr Ovidiu Bagdasar

Dr Ovidiu Bagdasar

Position: Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

College: College of Engineering and Technology

Department: Electronics, Computing and Mathematics

Subject area: Mathematics

Research Centre: Distributed and Intelligent Systems Centre for Research and Technology Transfer

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Module Leader

  • Computational Mathematics (Level 4 – Computer Science)  
  • Calculus (Level 4, Mathematics) 
  • Modelling with Differential Equations (Level 6 - Mathematics) 
  • Optimization (Level 7, MSc Computational Mathematics)

Programme Leader: MSc Computational Mathematics, MSc Big Data Analytics

Maths&Computing: Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator

Placement Tutor: Mathematics students (2012-)

International Recruitment Tutor: Mathematics Programs

Outreach coordinator: Mathematics (selection and training of students for outreach activities)

PhD Students: Andy Baker, Craig Bower, Sam O'Neill 

Motto: "All what is correct thinking is either mathematics or feasible to be transposed in a mathematical model." (G. Moisil 1906 - 1973)

Professional interests

Academic interests:

  • Research in Computational Mathematics 
  • Communicate Mathematics to a wider audience 
  • Use research to transform the student experience
  • Inspire students to engage and improve their performance 
  • Use emerging technologies to transform learning, teaching and assessment
  • Develop national and international partnerships for research and student mobility (e.g. Erasmus+)
  • Generate results with significant theoretical and applicable implications
  • Develop a research team to work on Recurrences and Optimization


Research topics:

  • Recurrent sequences and their applications 
  • Counting problems and Combinatorics
  • Optimisation and Convex Analysis 
  • Mathematical Inequalities
  • Mathematical modelling 


Income generation and Research projects 

1. URSS (Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme) 

Project 2017 - 041: "On the geometry and applications of complex recurrent sequences" £2200 (March 2017)

2. PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016-1835: Computational Models for the reproduction of ceramic colors (co-investigator, 103K Euros) (August 2017)

3. DANCOP (with Outreach, School Liaison): £9420  (March 2018)

4. OCIS (On-Line Campus Internship Scheme): 120 posts for three students (March 2018)

5. Newton and IMU proposals on Water Management Optimisation with collaborators from South Africa (decision pending)


Membership of professional bodies


  • ISDE - International Society of Difference Equations (2017-)
  • AMS - American Mathematical Society - Member (2014-)
  • KMS - Korean Mathematical Society (2014-)
  • Fellow of HEA - Higher Education Academy (2013-)
  • SSMR - Romanian Mathematical Society (2013-)
  • IMA  - Institute of Mathematics and its Applications - Member (2012-)  


  • Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Number Theory
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Integer Sequences 
  • Editor for the Octogon Mathematical Magazine, Romania
  • Member of the Smart Systems Research Group at the University of Derby.
  • External collaborator of the Analysis and Optimization Research Group, UBB Cluj, Romania


  • 2012 – 2016: BA, Pastoral Orthodox Theology, UAB, Alba Iulia, RO
  • 2012 – 2013: PG Cert HE, University of Derby
  • 2012 –           Post-graduate Research Supervisor
  • 2007 – 2015: PhD, Pure Mathematics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, RO
  • 2007 – 2011: PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Nottingham, UK
  • 2007 – 2010: EST Marie Curie Fellow, University of Nottingham, UK
  • 2006 – 2007: MSc (distinction), Real and Complex Analysis (10/10)
  • 2002 – 2006: BSc Hons (1st), Mathematics, UBB, Cluj, RO (9.97/10)
  • QTS: July 2006- Present (Qualified Mathematics Teacher, all levels) 

Recent publications


  • V. Lowndes, O. B., S. Berry: Chapter 6 "Case Studies: Using Heuristics" in Guide to Computational Modelling for Decision Processes: Theory, Algorithms, Techniques and Applications (Springer, 2017)
  • O. B., N. Popovici, S. Berry: Sect. 7.3 "Transportation management: methods and algorithms" in Guide to Computational Modelling for Decision Processes: Theory, Algorithms, Techniques and Applications (Springer, 2017) 
  • O. B., Concise Computer Mathematics: Tutorials on Theory and Problems, Springer Briefs in Computer Science, 2013.

Journal articles

Conference papers

  • D. Andrica, O.B., New results and conjectures on 2-partitions of multisets, 7th ICSMAO (UAE) (2017)
  • O.B., A. Birlutiu, M. Chen and I-L Popa, Qualitative Case Study Methodology: Automatic Design and Correction of Ceramic Colors, 21st ICSTCC, Romania (2017) 
  • O. B. and M. Chen, A Horadam-based Pseudo-random number generator, Proceeding of UKSim-AMSS 16th (2014).
  • M. Trovati and O. B., Influence Discovery in Semantic Networks: An Initial Approach, Proceeding of UKSim-AMSS 16th (2014).
  • O. B., Using Computer Tests to Teach Mathematics - A Study Case, 4th International Symposium "Mathematical Education in the Current European Context", Romania (2013). 
  • O. B., The Number of Pairs of Integers with the Same lcm, 3rd International Symposium "Mathematical Education in the Current European Context", Romania (2012).

Open Questions and Symposium papers:

  • M. Stubley, O.B., On the role of Open Questions in the Mathematical Education, 7th International Symposium "Mathematical Education in the Current European Context", December 16th, Romania (2016)
  • G. Illsley, O.B., Understanding the fear of mathematics: Recipes for students and teachers, 8th  International Symposium "Mathematical Education in the Current European Context", December 16th, Romania (2017).
  • O.B. and M. Stubley, On OQ.3184, Octogon Math. Mag, 24 (2) (2016)
  • O.B. and M. Stubley, On OQ.4595 and OQ.4537, Octogon Math. Mag, 25 (1) (2017) 
  • O.B., A. Birnie, C. Pissarides and A. Ahmad, On OQ.3166 and OQ.3484 in Octogon Math. Mag, 24 (2) (2016)
  • O.B., A. Birnie, C. Pissarides and A. Ahmad, On OQ.3928, On OQ.4259, On OQ.4537 in Octogon Math. Mag, 25 (1) (2017)
  • O.B., R. Connis and A. Baker: On OQ.4836 and OQ.4837 in Octogon Math. Mag, 25 (1) (2017)


Recent conferences

Invited lectures and seminars

  • 15 March 2018: Edge Hill University (talk: Traffic Assignment Problem: On the interplay between Optimization and Equilibrium Problems)
  • 13 February 2018: International Schoool of Bucharest (talk: Problem Solving: The mathematical key to securing a job)
  • 23 May 2017:            Optimum versus equilibrium solutions in traffic flow management, MOS UBB Cluj (Research centre for Modelling, Optimization and Simulation)
  • 12-13 October 2017: Kishinev State University, Moldova (Complex recurrent sequences: Techniques, Patterns and Conjectures) (+Prometeu Prim High School talk)                                
  • 20-22 February 2017: ICMMCMSE'17, Alagappa University, India (Keynote)
  • 12 December 2015: IMA East Midlands branch talk: "Mathematics of beauty: On infinity, fractals and recurrent sequences", Nottingham Trent University 
  • 2 April 2015: UBB Cluj, Romania, Faculty of Mathematics:
  1. Mechanics and Astronomy Research Seminar (30 min): "The role of lubrication in cell adhesion: deterministic results and simulations for a simplified theoretical cell model"            
  2. Complex Analysis Research Seminar (30 min): "On the geometric patterns produced by Horadam sequences in the complex plane"
  3. Analysis and Optimization Research Seminar (60 min): Extremal properties of generalized convex vector-valued functions  
  • 7 March 2015: Early Career Mathematicians' Spring Conference, University of Sheffield: How to be happy while solving (other people's) problems 
  • 20 February 2015: TCS Research Group, Loughborough University: "Complex Horadam sequences: periodicity, enumeration and applications"
  • 16 February 2015: Guest Lecture for Subjects in Computer Science, University of Derby: "On the Visualisation of Number Sequences"
  • 22 August 2014: Hanbat National University, South Korea: "Mathematics of beauty: on recurrences and emotions"
  • 30 May 2014: UBB Cluj, Romania, Faculty of Mathematics, Interdisciplinary seminar: "On the Mathematics of beauty"
  • 29 May 2014: UBB Cluj, Romania, Faculty of Mathematics, "On some properties and applications of Horadam sequences"
  • 29 October 2013: Open University Mathematics Seminar, "The geometric patterns of complex Horadam sequences"
  • 26 April 2013: SSMI, "Applied Mathematics: from life to formulas" 

Conference presentations and posters



Experience in industry

2014: Bosch Termotechnology (VSM - Value Stream Mapping)

2017: IPEC Alba Iulia (Ceramics coloring project)

2017: UPN (Logistics, Maths Group Proect at UoD)

2018: Maple, Vretta (Mathematical Education Software)


International experience

New Erasmus+ links:  

1.  Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, Romania (Mathematics and Computer Science): Erasmus+@UBB  (Dec 2014, Lead Dr. Ovidiu Bagdasar)

2. "1 DECEMBRIE 1918" University, Romania (Computer Science, Mathematics, Business): Erasmus+@UAB (Dec 2014, Lead Dr. Ovidiu Bagdasar)

3. Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey (Mathematics): Erasmus+@Bogazici (Nov 2015, Lead Dr. Ovidiu Bagdasar) 

4. University of Maribor, Slovenia (Mathematics): Erasmus+@Maribor (Dec 2015, Lead Dr. Ovidiu Bagdasar) 

5. Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal (Computer Science and Mathematics) Erasmus+@UBI (Jul 2017, Lead Dr. Virginia Franquerra)

6. University of Catania, Italy (Mathematics and Statistics, ICT)  Erasmus+@Catania (Mar 2018, Lead Prof. Antonio Liotta) 

7. University of Calabria, Italy (Mathematics and Statistics, ICT)  Erasmus+@Calabria (Mar 2018, Lead Prof. Antonio Liotta)

Erasmus+ visits: 

  • March 2015:    UAB Romania, Alba Iulia, Romania
  • May 2015:       UBB Cluj, Romania
  • January 2016:  UAB Romania, Alba Iulia, Romania (visited first Erasmus+ Maths student from Derby)
  • May 2016:       UBB Cluj, Romania
  • January 2017:  UBB Cluj, Romania
  • May 2017:       UAB Alba Iulia, Romania
  • January 2018: UAB Alba Iulia, Romania

Erasmus+ guests: 

  • May 2015    - Professor Nicolae Popovici - UBB Cluj, Romania 
  • March 2016 - Dr Ioan Lucian Popa, UAB Alba Iulia, Romania
  • May 2016    - Professor Nicolae Popovici - UBB Cluj Romania  
  • June 2016   - Dr Zalan Bodo - UBB Cluj Romania
  • March 2017 - Dr Ioan Lucian Popa, UAB Alba Iulia, Romania
  • May 2017    - Professor Nicolae Popovici - UBB Cluj Romania  
  • September 2018: Professor Valeriu Anisiu 

Research stages: 

  • September 2016: Research visit to UAB and IPEC Alba Iulia, RO 
  • February 2017: Research visit to the Ramanujan Centre for Higher Mathematics, Alagappa University, India   
  • November 2017: Research visit to IPEC Alba Iulia as part of the Research Project CMRCC

Conference Organisation:

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