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Dr Timothy Lee

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I am a Lecturer in Forensic Science at the University of Derby. I hold a PhD in Science (Forensic Science) from Western Sydney University. Armed with research and teaching experiences gained from multiple universities in Australia and the UK, I focus on developing and delivering content that is practical and contemporaneous in nature.

My primary research interest is centred around the detection and enhancement of latent fingermarks. I am also keen on topics such as the interpretation and evaluation of evidence and trace evidence analysis.

Teaching responsibilities

I am the Module Leader for Trace Evidence and Methods of Scene Investigation. Additionally, I am involved in teaching activities across various modules, including Methods of Laboratory Examination, Principles and Skills in Forensic Science, Serious and Organised Crime, and The Professional Forensic Scientist.

Professional interests

I aim to provide teaching content that is relevant and practical to my students. My goal is to best prepare students for their future careers by implementing contemporaneous knowledge and current practice into my teaching.

Research interests

My main research interest is in the area of latent fingermark detection and enhancement through the investigations of new and advanced techniques. I am also keen on establishing a deeper understanding of the underlying fingermark interaction mechanisms of some conventional detection methods.

My other research interests include fingermark comparison and fit-for-purpose interpretation and evaluation of evidence in different disciplines.

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Bachelor of Forensic Science in Applied Chemistry - University of Technology Sydney

Bachelor of Forensic Science (Honours) in Applied Chemistry - University of Technology Sydney

PhD in Science (Forensic Science) - Western Sydney University

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