Monica Connors - College of Life and Natural Sciences - University of Derby

Monica Connors, Joint Honours

Tell us about your experience studying psychology and criminology at Derby?

I chose to do a Joint Honours degree in Psychology and Criminology because I was always interested in psychology and whilst doing my A-levels I did a module on crime and deviance and realised that I was particularly interested in criminal psychology.

The best parts of the course for me were:

  • the guest speakers
  • conducting my own research for my dissertation on an area of personal interest
  • the court room trial experiences
  • and the social life along side all the work of course!

I feel this course has built my knowledge of all aspects for a future career in criminal justice. The degree has also helped me get used to doing presentations and application forms, as well as writing personal statements. Overall the university experience has built my confidence and gave me the opportunity to meet like minded people.

What are your future career plans?

I am now studying a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, New York. It has an international reputation and close links with the USA's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). When I have completed this course, I hope to become a Criminal Profiler.

Profilers use crime scene clues, psychology and other information to give police and other criminal investigators an idea of the type of person they should be looking for in connection with an offence. They are usually brought in when criminals are thought to be responsible for a series of serious crimes such as arson, rape, drugs offences or murder.

Monica Connors "I feel this course has built my knowledge of all aspects for a future career in criminal justice." Monica Connors