How choosing
the right degree
launched Fraser’s
FA career

Fraser Williamson knows that choosing the right degree course is crucial. Don’t follow the crowd. He tried that and quickly realised his mistake. But, after completing our BA (Hons) Business Management degree, Fraser has now landed a managerial role at The Football Association.

A subject with vast career opportunities

Fraser chose to study BA (Hons) Business Management because he wanted a degree that would enable him to gain knowledge and skills which can be easily transferred and adapted to just about any future career or job position.

“When I first left sixth form, I initially wanted to follow the crowd and subsequently joined another University where all my friends were, of which I lasted one month of study before realising the course I chose was not for me. It became more and more apparent as that academic year went on, that I needed to look for a degree that could give me a versatile set of skills to use in my career should I decide to change direction as I had done with study.”

Fraser chose Business Management the University of Derby because of the high student satisfaction, and because the programme is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, so he had the opportunity to gain an additional qualification in leadership and management alongside his degree.

“After careful consideration, it was clear that I should look for a Business Management Degree at a University with a great reputation in student satisfaction and as a result, the University of Derby was the option I chose.”

Working and studying 

Throughout his degree, Fraser worked within the Football Services Team at Nottinghamshire Football Association. This allowed him to implement the theory he had learned into practice within his workplace. He strongly believes this experience of working and studying has allowed him to stay one step ahead of peers when it comes to employment opportunities.

“Whilst the academia supported my place of work, my workplace helped my academic studies as I became more confident to challenge theories and the differentiation between theory and practise. The modules I studied directly influenced the way I worked in my employment.”

Fraser was able to make an immediate impact in his workplace, he says: “The four Human Resource Management modules directly impacted my time at Nottinghamshire Football Association as I combined my knowledge and practical understanding to implement an annual application process for Disciplinary Commission Members."

He soon realised his passion was within the human resources area of business, specifically investigating discrimination. Fraser experienced first-hand the quality of the academic support within Derby Business School, the flexible approach and understanding that each student is unique, offering flexible study options to suit his employment.

Fraser Williamson working at the FA
Fraser Williamson working at The Football Association

Securing a managerial role

During his degree Fraser got involved in all the opportunities that were offered to him including attending networking events, meeting local employers, and attending guest lectures. He strongly believes this experience helped him stand out from the crowd when securing his first graduate role.

“The team of academics pursued to ensure every individual was equipped with the necessary skills to put them above the rest of the pack when in the employment world.”

By combining theory and practice in such a flexible environment, he was able to showcase to his employer his business and management knowledge which resulted in him receiving the opportunity to become a Regional Disciplinary Manager for The Football Association.

Fraser is now responsible for overseeing investigations of discrimination, assault on a match official and physical contact on a match official within his region, while also making recommendations of how investigations strategy and practice could become more effective.

Bright career prospects

Fraser’s long-term career aspiration is to be Director of Grassroots at The Football Association. He is currently in the process of seeking Chartered Manager status and will be starting his LLM (Master of Laws) at the University in September 2020, focusing on his specialist interest in International Protection of Human Rights and Personal Freedom.

He believes this additional masters qualification will equip him with expert knowledge so he can continue to make a difference within the Grassroots game, making sure County Football Associations are implementing disciplinary procedures to the standard The Football Association expects and making the game a safer and fairer environment for all.

“The University has benefited myself in many ways, whether that be securing a role in employment in which the demand is so great or providing me with the skillset to continue to master and doctoral level of study. By studying at the University of Derby, it has allowed me to realise my potential in the employment world and provided me with the tools to ensure I stand out from the crowd.”

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