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University can be different things to different people. It is new, it is inspiring, it is scary. It's also a place where you can find your voice, create opportunities, discover your space to grow, and take control of your future. It is a place where you can feel at home - whether home is just down the road or thousands of miles away.

All of our students have a story to tell. Six of them have shared their journey with us, explaining how they have benefited from their time at the University.
A student using the radio production suites

Finding my own voice

University is a place where you can find yourself. Sile Sibanda found more than that - she found her voice. Sile is a poet, a singer and, now, a BBC Radio presenter.

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A student takes in the view at Thorpe Cloud, Derbyshire

Finding my space to grow

Moving away from home for the first time can be a challenge. Now imagine home is 7,000 miles away. Meet Sam Chikowore. He’s come all the way from Zimbabwe to study Business Management and Geology.

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A student holding a coffee cup in the kitchen of her student accommodation

Feeling at home

Tamzin Burch has overcome personal obstacles to succeed on her course. Tamzin was worried about not making friends and missing home. But all those worries melted away on her first day at Derby.

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A Fine Art student working in the studio

Creating my own journey

Richard Lapthorn is from a small, rural community where the idea of leaving is unfamiliar. But Richard has broken the mould. His aim was to create a new path for himself - and he has done just that.

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An Event Management student working backstage at an event

Taking control of my future

Susannah Springall knew what she wanted and she made it happen. She's taken control of her own future - and she's created a legacy that links the University of Derby with Walt Disney World Florida.

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Students drinking coffee at 67 Bridge Street

Embracing every opportunity

Justin Jones was worried about his future. His first university experience hadn’t worked out and he wasn't sure what to do next. But moving to Derby has given him a fresh start and a new perspective.

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