Move for Wellbeing

After graduating from the University of Derby with a Masters Degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy in 2019, Aishwarya Deshpande established Move for Wellbeing.

A lady with her eyes closed, holding her hands above her head in a prayer postion.

Move for Wellbeing is a psychotherapy service that uses dance and movement as a therapeutic medium for self- expression and offers movement therapy services in Derby.

Since the age of six, Aishwarya has learnt the art of Indian classical dance style Kathak, having choreographed and performed in high school inter-competitions, representing her school. She then started to learn Latin Ballroom styles such as Salsa and Bachata and has been a teacher of Latin Ballroom since 2012.

By the time Aishwarya completed her undergrad degree in Mass Media, her teaching experience brought up a keen interest in Dance Psychology.  It was during this time that Aishwarya was completing her bachelor’s in Katthak, during which she learnt about 'Nrutya Manas-shastra' (the Psychology of Movement/Dance) which inspired her to pursue an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Aishwarya is now a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and a professional dance teacher.

Aishwarya comments:

“The way we move has a lot to say about our wellbeing, personality and surrounding environment. In dance movement psychotherapy, I engage the client in different movement patterns that helps in emotional integration and healthy mental state. Since the basic tendency of a human being is action oriented, we involuntarily express ourselves through body movement. (In short, through non-verbal behaviour) Therefore, by helping them reshape movement patterns, emotional and behavioural difference can be created.”

The main strands of her business are working with both nursery school children and the elderly in care homes to help with a range of wellbeing subjects such as mental health; emotional challenges; attachment issues; movement mobility; learning disabilities and trauma.

“During my time studying at the University of Derby I was fortunate to be able to use a number of their business support services to help me launch my business, one of which was their ‘Be the Boss programme’, offering one-to-one support and a series of workshops.”

Once I graduated I then joined their Innovation Hothouse, a support network and community of students and graduates at the early stages of running their own businesses, just like me.”

For more information on Move for Wellbeing:

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