Human Performance Unit

Utilising the state of the art sport science facilities within the newly developed sports centre, the Human Performance Unit has been established to provide expert sport science services to sports clubs and individual athletes from beginners to elite performers.

Derby's leading sports performance centre

The Human Performance Unit (HPU) is a dedicated space focused on providing sport science and coach development services to coaches, individuals and teams wanting to enhance their performance.

Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation Student Telehealth Sessions

We are excited to announce that the Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation department will begin delivering Sports Therapy Telehealth sessions from Monday 1st March.  

These sessions are designed to support patient’s requiring injury advice and management guidance via confidential Microsoft Teams meetings. This is an essential skill development initiative for the final year students, and we really hope you will support them in gaining experience.  

All sessions will be 30 minutes long and students will be delivering these from on campus under full supervision. There is no charge at this time for this service, however this will be reviewed in the future. 

To book please email to make an enquiry. Miss Solange Andrade is our clinic manager, and she will assist you in making a booking.

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

The Human Performance Unit team analyse Jake Lowe's running performance in preparation for the London Marathon. As part of our Running Package, his blood lactate and heart rate were tested in the below video.


In preparation for his upcoming marathon, Jake Lowe, Running with Jake, takes part in a blood lactate and heart rate test, part of the Human Performance Unit's Running Package.

View Jake Lowe's marathon preparation video transcript