Sport Nutrition Packages

Fuelling your body with the right foods is essential for health and performance. Whether you are a recreational or elite athlete, our nutrition support packages are designed to help you stay healthy and maximise your performance. 

Nutrition Packages

We offer a range of nutritional packages, so you can get the best out of your body and its performance.

An ideal package for any athlete wanting to make the most of their training and maximise their health and performance. This package offers a comprehensive review of your current directory intake and provides detailed recommendations to help you meet the demands of your training and competition. 

What’s involved?

This package includes: 

  • 2-day dietary analysis (training day and rest day) undertaken prior to consultation
  • 1 hour consultation – discussion of your health and performance goals, analysis of your current dietary intake and recommendations to meet the demands of your training and performance
  • Full report of discussion and recommended nutrition strategy

Cost: £175

This package has been designed for any athlete hoping to complete a major endurance event such as a marathon, triathlon or sportive. The package will help to ensure that all your hard work during training pays off and performance is maximised during the event. Ensure your body is properly fuelled so it can perform at its best and recover properly.

What’s involved?

This package includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals and current dietary intake
  • Personalised menu plan for 1 week prior to your event
  • Eating and drinking plan for the event itself
  • Recovery nutrition plan
  • Food and fluid checklist
  • Follow up consultation after your event to fine tune the strategy for any future events

Cost: £150

This package can only be purchased when the advanced running, advanced cycling or triathlon packages are also purchased. Using data collected from the Cortex Metalyser during the step and ramp tests, we will conduct analysis of substrate (CHO, Pro and Fat) utilisation at different intensities. This will enable the most accurate nutrition strategy to be developed and help to optimise training and performance.  

Cost: £50

If you would like to book any of these packages, please contact the Human Performance Unit team: