Innovate UK Funding

Innovate UK is the UK’s Innovation Agency with a remit to support businesses to grow through Innovation. Much of this support is targeted through a range of different themed funding calls that supports the collaborative development and commercialisation of new; Products, Processes and Services.

Who is Innovate UK?

Innovate UK is the UK's innovation agency. They help businesses drive productivity and economic growth by supporting them to commercialise new products, processes and services.

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Innovate UK Smart Grants

Innovate UK Smart Grants are another Innovate UK funding scheme providing research and development funding for disruptive, innovative projects in any industry sector. 

Smart grants support projects that demonstrate:

Smart Grants can support; feasibility studies, Industrial Research or Experimental development. With project costs between £100K and £2M, these can be substantial developments as part of a wider consortium of partners. 

The Knowledge Exchange team at the University of Derby can support you to access Innovate UK funding and collaborate with our academic teams, utilising our world-leading research and technology to gain a competitive edge.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

One of Innovate UK’s most successful and long-standing funding schemes is the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP). The KTP scheme supports your business to collaborate with academics at the University of Derby to tackle a specific business challenge. Through access to University; research, knowledge and Technology, we will collaboratively develop a solution that supports your business to grow and launch new products or services onto the market.

Who can take part in KTP?

The scheme will support UK-based businesses or Charities (of any size), all you need is a clearly defined business challenge or opportunity.

How long is a KTP?

Each KTP can be between 12 to 36 months long.

How is a KTP project delivered?

As part of the KTP, together we will recruit a high-calibre recent graduate (known as the Associate) who will be employed by the University but based full-time at your company to deliver the project under the supervision of an academic team.

The University provides ongoing support for the duration of the project to ensure the successful delivery of objectives and outcomes for the partnership. 

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