IT services for alumni

Discover information about what happens to your university account once you have completed your studies. Explore our full alumni services and benefits.

Your university account

Your university account, (UDo, Blackboard (Course Resources), your login, unimail, library services, etc.) remains for  3 months after your programme is formally completed. This will be 3 months from the date of your final award when you graduate.  Specific information will be sent to you once this has happened and will confirm the date when your account will close. 

Due to security and legal reasons your account will be closed at the end of the 3 months. 

If you are continuing your studies with us, your account will stay open. Please note, there are some occasions where a new/different account will be needed, e.g., if you’ve discontinued from a previous course or are awaiting entry requirements. 

To make sure you have everything you need, we recommend that you complete the following steps at the end of your course. 

It is really important that you transfer any files or emails before your account expires or when you finish a course. We are unable to recover them for you once you have completed. Files include any assignments, projects, videos, audio and image files saved on a university computer. These can be on Blackboard (Course Resources) or on your university storage space (U drive and OneDrive). 

Your files can be saved on an online storage platform (such as OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox etc.) linked to a non-University account or a storage device (external hard drive or USB stick). 
You should forward or transfer any emails you want to keep to a non-university/different email account before your account expires. 
Remember to update any accounts linked with your Unimail.

Please note that if you are moving on to further study on a new course with us within 3 months, your IT account will not be deactivated, and you will be able to continue using it. 

Your current Blackboard (Course Resources) will update to your new programme. Please make sure you download any relevant materials that you wish to keep for future reference (submissions, feedback, lecture slides).

If you are studying for 5 years or more, the content is removed after 4 years. 

Specific services guidance

Please use the guidance below about specific services.

Service Guidance
U Drive Please backup your files and folders into an online storage platform (such as MS OneDrive (personal), Google Drive or Dropbox linked to a  non-university/personal account) or a storage device (external hard drive or USB stick).
Blackboard (Course Resources) Please copy any assignments, marks/feedback and learning materials that you wish to save for future reference.
Unimail / Outlook You should forward or copy any emails  you want to keep to a non-university/different email account.
Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive You will lose access to your university OneDrive and your Office365 account (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), but you can sign up for a free Microsoft OneDrive account that is not linked to Unimail. All files saved or shared on  OneDrive  will be deleted. Please copy any files you want to keep.
Access to specialist software You will lose access to all specialist software that was available to you as a student.
Library Please check your online library record and return all items listed or pay any outstanding replacement charges. Contact the library if you need help.

If you have been using PebblePad during your course, you are entitled to a free Personal Pebble+ Alumni Account. This can contain everything you had in your University Asset Store as well as providing you with additional space to carry on using for personal and professional development.