Wi-Fi - How to Connect

Eduroam is the Wireless Service at the University, providing enhanced connectivity to Staff and Students across all sites.

Short for Education Roaming, it provides researchers, teachers and students easy and secure access at their own institute or when visiting other institutions that use the service.

To connect your device to eduroam, please follow the relevant instructions for your device:

Visitors from participating eduroam institutions can use eduroam at the University of Derby.

Connect to eduroam as a visitor

At the University of Derby, we offer a guest network called UniGuest.

Connect to UniGuest

Can't connect?

Try downloading the Configuration Assistance Tool. It will detect what device and operating system you are running and put some additional settings on your phone. See below for more information on the CAT files.

Getting your device ready for eduroam (CAT files)

For the most reliable wireless connection, we recommend that you install a special eduroam setup file, known as a CAT file, on your device. The CAT file will make all the changes your device needs to connect to the eduroam service at Derby.

You can install the CAT file before you arrive at university, so that you are ready to use wireless from day one.

Download the CAT file for your device from the eduroam website.

Follow the instructions and remember to include @derby.ac.uk in your eduroam username. For example, if your university username is 123456, your eduroam username will be 123456@derby.ac.uk.

If you have problems connecting to eduroam after downloading the CAT file, please contact the IT Service Centre by either one of the following methods:

E: itservicecentre@derby.ac.uk
T: +44 (0)1332 591234 (internal 1234)
Online: IT Services Help Centre