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Kristina takes on graduate role as a business designer

Event Management graduate Kristina Petrovicova is excelling in her graduate role as a Business Designer, helping companies to understand customers and improve services. 

Exciting new role 

Event Management graduate Kristina has started working in an exciting role as a Business Designer for Kiuub, a company which specialises in discovering new business opportunities, solving current innovation challenges and better preparing businesses for the future.

Kristina's role is to help companies to improve their services, seek new opportunities and validate new product or service ideas. She explains that her background in Events Management has really supported her in this role. She has been assigned as the Project Lead for products such as hackathons - a design sprint event.

"The Business Designer role represents a combination of a project manager and a type of specialisation, mine in events management and marketing,  As Business Designers, we are not afraid to talk to customers. We understand data, know how to obtain it thanks to research, evaluate it, interpret it and propose specific solutions."

Recently, Kristina delivered a successful 24-hour hackathon which focused on improving the adoption of electromobility and participation in the local region. She says: "As a Project Lead, I oversee the hackathon itself, its timeline, successful delivery and lead the team of a project assistant and visual designer. Together we create the product end-to-end - from forming the idea with our clients through to creating the identity of the event, marketing and logistics ending with the event itself."

Inspiring lecturers

Kristina explains that one of the main reasons for choosing to study Event Management at Derby was the lecturers, and their strong professional background and experience in Event Management. The lectures and seminars included practical exercises with interesting examples from the sector which provided Kristina with the knowledge she needed to excel.

“Dr Vladimir Antchak, my lecturer and later my dissertation supervisor, has inspired me the most. His expertise, great examples and practical lectures motivated me to do my best during my studies.”

She explains how the lecturers supported and encouraged her to explore her interest in the creative as the well strategic side of events. This knowledge has been beneficial in her securing the Business Designer role.

Kristina Petrovicova
Kristina Petrovicova

Fieldtrip opportunities

Kristina made the most of the fieldtrip opportunities on her course. During her second year, she visited Madrid and says it was a great combination of sightseeing as well as practical activities.

“We visited one of the biggest Marriott hotels in the EU and talked to the Conference Manager about the operations and events at the hotel.”

She also went on a fieldtrip to a City Hall and the Madrid Convention Bureau where she had the chance to talk to the staff about their event portfolio and public events. This experience led to her researching public events for her dissertation.

Panoramic view of Budapest looking over the river

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Future career plans

Kristina would like to continue working as a Business Designer. She really enjoys the combination of planning hackathons and working on projects which improve customer experience, whilst fostering innovation. Kristina also feels like she has a real purpose in her job.

Even though Kristina does not work directly in the Events sector, her degree has provided her with many valuable and versatile skills which she benefits from every day. This is her advice to anyone thinking about studying Event Management:

"Go for it. I have never regretted the choice of studying Event Management at the University of Derby. If you are looking for hands-on learning, with inspirational lecturers and the opportunity to gain a versatile range of skills and knowledge, this degree is a great choice."

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