Cristina Neguț - College of Business, Law and Social Sciences - University of Derby

Cristina Neguț, MSc Events Management, 2010

What are you doing now?

After graduating on the BA (Hons) Events Management course in 2010, I decided to come back to Romania and I was hired by Ralcom Exhibitions as Project Coordinator. Ralcom manages a range of events including auto exhibitions, book launches, Christmas parties for multinational companies and large scale international medical conferences.

What were the main reasons you took that course?

I was working in the area of events management at an entry level position (Executive Assistant at Ralcom Exhibitions) and was very interested in extending my knowledge by taking a Masters degree. There was no option for this type of study in Romania I decided to look at studying in the UK as I am fluent in English.

Why did you choose to study the course at Derby?

The course at Buxton offered a range of interesting modules and the lecturers were specialists with experience and connections in the field of event management. I was particularly interested in the work placement module, to get a clear and realistic perspective on how events are organised and managed in the UK.

How would you sum up the experience of studying this course through Derby University?

In one word: a challenge. It was a great experience and I got the opportunity to learn new skills from experienced specialists, with theories being explained on real life case studies. I studied together with students from all over the world and did a work placement for KC Jones Conference and Events in Derby continuing to collaborate with them after the work placement was over. Plus I had lots of fun living in halls which was a totally new experience for me as I didn’t even know how to cook!

How did you find the lecturers and the support they gave you?

Compared to the learning system in Romania the education system in the UK, and in particularly at the University, is more focused on each student. The lecturers were very friendly and I used the face-to-face meetings to receive feedback and improve my projects. They also supported me in finding my work placement.

How do you feel Derby has helped you in your career so far?

My experience at Derby offered me the chance to make a comparison between how events are organised in the UK and Romania; identifying potential areas of improvement and introducing innovative thinking.

During the work placement I had the chance to observe the life of an Events Manager in a foreign country and I’ve used this experience in my current work as Project Coordinator.

What are your future plans?

I am actively involved in developing the portfolio of events Ralcom Exhibitions can offer as Romania is gaining an international  reputation as a tourist destination which means the business can attract large international conferences.

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to study this course at Derby?

I would recommend all students to try to get as much as possible out of the course as possible by getting involved in as many projects and activities. These could include; work placements, working as a student ambassador or getting involved as a volunteer at the University. All this experience will help you use the theoretical knowledge gained during the course which will  improve your skills and career prospects.

"Compared to the learning system in Romania, the one I discovered in Buxton was one more focused on each student. The lecturers were very friendly and I used the face-to-face meetings to receive feedback and improve my projects." Cristina Neguț